School Transfer Application: How to Write and Samples

There might be many instances where you will have to shift from one place to another for educational, professional or personal reasons. In such scenarios, informing the head of the institution/company about your situation is mandatory. Just like a relieving letter is proof that an individual is relieved from all their duties, is eligible and free to join another institution, a school transfer certificate does the same for a student. In this article, you will be introduced to the format of a school transfer application. Go through them and also check out the sample application letters for better understanding.

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How to Write a School Transfer Application?

In our school life, you will have written a lot of applications and letters for some or the other reason. Once you have learnt to write an application to the principal, it would be easy to write letters for various concerns as the format followed is the same.

A school transfer letter should be addressed to the principal of the school, mentioning the reasons behind the transfer. You can write an application requesting a TC if you are planning to move to another branch of your school or from one school to another. The format for writing a school transfer request letter would include the student’s address, the address of the school, date, subject, and the reason behind the transfer of school explained in the body of the letter. End the letter with a complimentary closing, signature and name in capital letters.

The points which can be added in the transfer letter are:

  • Reason for transferring to a different school or branch
  • Details of the student like class, section, roll number etc.
  • The period of study and the date of leaving the school

School Transfer Request Letter Samples

A school transfer application has to be written in the formal letter format. Check the school transfer request letter samples provided below for better understanding.

Student Transfer Letter to Another School

2nd Main Road

Dairy Circle, Koramangala


22nd February, 2022


The Principal

St. Mary’s International School

Dairy Circle, Koramangala



Sub: Request for transfer letter


Respected Madam,

I am Sarmistha Tripathy, mother of Sharmili Tripathy (student of your prestigious school and studying in Class 7 B, with admission number 1234), would like to inform you that my daughter has cleared the Air Force School entrance exam. I had mentioned about our intention to admit her in the Air Force School to the admission committee on the day of admission. As per their instructions, I am writing this letter to request you to issue my daughter’s transfer letter.

The admission process begins on the 1st of March, so it would be of great help if we could get the transfer letter on or before the 27th of February. I request you to kindly consider my request and do the needful.

I would like to inform you that she has already cleared the entrance exam of Christ School of Social Sciences in Mumbai, and they have sent the admission offer letter to join the school. Therefore, I request you to kindly issue the transfer certificate to her at the earliest so that it can be helpful for us to get her admission done without any delay. I have attached the admission offer letter, a copy of her ID card, and the admission letter of your school, along with the application.

Thank you in advance.

Yours faithfully,



Mother of Sharmili Tripathy

Class 7 B


  • Copy of ID card
  • Admission offer letter of the new school
  • Admission letter of the current school

Transfer Letter to Change School

449, Saheed Nagar


2nd February, 2022


The Principal

Kendriya Vidyalaya No-1

Unit-9 Bhubaneswar



Sub: Requesting a Transfer Certificate to Bhopal Branch


Respected Sir,

I am Athish Rao, father of Joanna Rao, a student of your prestigious school studying in Class 8. I beg to state that I have been transferred to the Bhopal army campus; and so I would like to avail a transfer for my daughter from Unit-9 Bhubaneswar branch to the Army Campus Bhopal branch. We are shifting to Bhopal by the end of this month and it is not possible for me to leave her behind. So, I request you to kindly consider my application and provide her with a Transfer Certificate at the earliest so that I can start her admission process at the other campus. I have attached all the relevant documents needed for the TC, as informed.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,



Father of Joanna Rao

Class 8 B

Admission no. 2345


  • Admission letter
  • Acceptance application from the new school

Frequently Asked Questions on School Transfer Application


How can I write a school transfer application to my principal?

You can write an application following the format as mentioned below stating that you want to transfer from the current school to the other and mention the reason behind leaving the school.

Your address


The Principal

XYZ School,



Respected Sir,

I am ____ of class ____ section ___, with admission number ____. I beg to state that I want to transfer from ____ school to ____ school for _____(reasons). I kindly request you to issue the transfer certificate at the earliest.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Your name


Parent’s signature


Can I write an application for transfer from one school to another?

Yes, you can write an application for transfer from one school to another if you want your child to study in some other school, but remember to mention the reason behind leaving the school.


What are the documents we need to provide to request a transfer certificate?

For issuing a transfer certificate, you will have to write a school transfer application addressing the principal of your school and stating the reason behind leaving the school. The documents required are the admission letter from the current school and the admission acceptance letter from the new school or branch. You can check with the school’s office to learn the documents they require to issue the transfer certificate.


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