How to Guess an Answer in CAT?

CAT 2022 is just a few months away and aspirants should start preparing from now. The idea is to get the hang of answering the questions with accuracy. A few CAT shortcut techniques will always help to manage time efficiently and score a good percentile. The other (last-minute) choice is to be able to guess an answer by:


CAT, as is the case with any other examination, has to be written in a fixed time slot. Solving sums with exact numbers would be time-consuming. Here the solutions usually come with approximations, to save time and increase the number of attempts.


When a candidate finds an answer to a similar question as the part of the question paper. The higher about a question, the easier it is to take a guess.

Trial and Error:

This is done where no rule or shortcut technique applies. Usually, this is done while solving problems which have answers that are feasible to guess. It is a shot in the dark.

Type in the answer (TITA) type of questions is the change you need to look out for in CAT exams as it does not have negative marking. 30% of questions belong to TITA, thus making them the easiest question to score from.

Here are Some Tips to Help You Choose the Correct Answer:

  • Understand what the question wants from you
  • Examine the options provided
  • Eliminate the far-fetched options
  • Choose the better fit between the options left (if any)
  • Fish out your answer from the question itself

When a candidate is stuck with a question, s/he tries to judge with the luck factor. Relying on guesswork isn’t advised as it may reduce your percentile. Remember about the negative marking i.e. one-third of marks are deducted for every wrong answer. Knowing the CAT exam pattern will also help to know and understand the way to solve questions.

Learning the art of choosing the best strategy to solve a management exam is essential. Stay tuned with BYJU’S to know various important tips & tricks essential to ace the CAT exam. Also, get several solved sample questions papers and previous year papers to get acquainted with the actual CAT paper.