How to Improve Reading Speed for CAT Exam 2022?

The Reading Comprehension for CAT section is a sure headache for most CAT aspirants and others earning a coveted spot in any of the top MBA colleges in India and as well as in abroad. RC is a topic that cannot be avoided, as it constitutes a majority of the questions that come from the verbal section. With up to 4 passages coming up in CAT exams every year, RC needs to be tackled strategically.

CAT Exam 2022

Important Tips to Improve Reading Speed

5 different ways in which CAT aspirants can improve their reading speed for RC are given here. With these tips, candidates can easily know how to improve reading comprehension for CAT and answer the related questions easily and effectively.

Skipping the passage completely

This has been an age-old method in CAT exams. The trick is to directly go to the questions. If the questions are of a data-based model, it is a trivial task to scan the passage for the key phrase and answer the questions. This saves valuable time that can be used to tackle Quantitative and DI questions.

Poriborton Method

Poriborton is the Bengali pronunciation of ‘Parivarthan’, which essentially means change. Scan the passage for words like hence, meanwhile, even though, but, unlike etc. These represent a deviation in the thought process or flow pattern. This is an excellent way to understand contradictory points in a passage and often gives us enough information to fill the answer options. This method increases your RC answering ability.

Tracing the passage with a pen or a finger

Tracing the screen line by line makes sure that your eyes remain focused on the part of the passage being traced. If not traced, your eyes might tend to pick up words of different lines reducing our ability to comprehend the passage effectively.

 Increasing Eye Span

Eye Span in reading refers to the maximum amount of words that can be read in a single glance without any change in the position of the eyes.  The average word per minute a college student reads is 280. But for CAT, this has to reach a minimum of 450-500 words per minute. This can be increased by earlier mentioned methods of tracing as well as reading by enunciating.

Watch The Below Video to Tackle the 5 Toughest RCs of CAT:

 Cultivating a hobby of reading extensively

Not only for MBA aspirants, but a well-read person is also adored and respected everywhere. For CAT exams, previous patterns have shown that passages for RC are picked from Literature, Arts, History, Science and Technology, and Philosophy. Reading a couple of books of the different types, enable an individual to be familiar with the terminology used which will considerably help in improving your reading comprehension.

Doing well in RC is of utmost importance as this can mean the difference between an IIM call or a third-tier management college in a nondescript town in India.

Stay focussed on RC’s as it is easy enough to fall into pitfalls. Read the question multiple times to understand what it is exactly trying to convey.

A steady practise and patience can do wonders in solving RC’s. Several individuals freak out when they see the size of the passage or are unfamiliar with the computer-based model of doing RC. This can only be solved by doing a wide plethora of tests. Ultimately perfection in CAT comes with only practice.

 Practice, Practice and Practice

Repeat this mantra to score the best percentile in the CAT exam.  Check out BYJU’S App to do the maximum number of Mocks and get detailed solutions and mentor support to help you crack CAT.

With these aforementioned tips, CAT aspirants can easily improve their reading speed and attempt the CAT reading comprehension questions easily.

How to Improve Reading Speed for CAT Exam?

Good Luck.