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Mathematical Approach to Solve Reading Comprehension in CAT

Reading Comprehension (RC) is the ability to read and understand unfamiliar passages and to answer questions about them. Candidates can expect passages with a variety of topics, including current affairs, world culture, global news, abstract, science etc. They are required to look for the underlying assumptions and inferences.

The candidates need to read between the lines. It is a difficult task to read the comprehension in one go and infer the points for it in a very short span of time. The comprehension is usually 500-600 words. And, adding to the woe, there will be three to four reading comprehension passages in the CAT exam. One can’t afford to skip the comprehension part as it carries four to five questions, and also, while attempting the question, one needs to be very careful to get the central idea or assumptions the right way. So, how do we do it? Thankfully, the expert faculty at BYJU’S provide some important “Mathematical Formula” to solve them.

Watch the Below Video to Tackle 5 Toughest RCs of CAT 2023:

Let’s take an example from the below-given video and quickly note down the formula for solving RC questions.

In Maths, the following three basic processes are involved in solving a question:

  1. Understanding the question
  2. Applying the formula
  3. Get the answer and pick the right choice

Solving Reading Comprehension questions through mathematical formulae:

Interestingly, the Reading Comprehension questions can be solved with a mathematical approach. Watch this Reading Comprehension video and see how RC questions can be easily solved in a few seconds.

Here is a never-heard-of approach to solving the reading comprehension question. There are some RC rules to solve or comprehend the passages effortlessly. The mathematical approach is a new and interesting methodology. If you are able to apply this, then you can solve the RC questions easily and quickly in the exam.

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