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MBA in India Vs Abroad

MBA in India V/S Abroad

MBA is one of the most sought after courses today and not just the career but even the search for the ideal B-School i.e MBA India /MBA abroad can take you around the world.

Now the question will arise whether to do an MBA in India or abroad. CAT or GMAT?

What you should keep in mind to get into the best MBA colleges in the world is how much to invest and return on investment

Have you ever thought about MBA outside India would be costing you a bomb? then here you go

In terms of American exceptionalism, student loan debt stands out. No other country has such kind of high costs for college and university students that the U.S. does.  And considering the crippling economic crisis in Europe, it would just be a bad investment to look at European universities.

Now comes the question of getting a job that matches your qualities. The recruiters can only interview foreign students where they have labour certification (proof of shortage of Americans qualified & available for the position). And this is very difficult to obtain. Only qualified employers can obtain employment visas for their qualified foreign employees. Fewer & fewer will spend the vast time, money & hassle of hiring foreigners when 31 million Americans are looking for work. Today, it’s cheaper to hire Americans. And this is the main reason for student debts.

Comparison IIMs Foreign Institutes
Course Fee Rs 20-30 Lakhs Rs 40-60 Lakhs
Average annual salary (International) $120,000(Rs 72 Lakhs) $60000(Rs 36 Lakhs)
Average annual Salary (Domestic) Rs 25 lakhs  

Rs 15 lakhs

Percentage placed through campus 100% 8%
Max Rate of Return in years 2 Could leave you in debt for 10-15 years

The ever-growing student debt and the economic crisis make it difficult for a student perusing

MBA abroad.

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