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Preparation Strategy for CAT Repeaters

If you’ve taken the CAT exam before; don’t make similar mistakes again.

With over two lakh aspirants, there is a good chance you might not have been able to clear it on the first chance. However, with a previous attempt under your belt, you really should be performing well in the next attempt. CAT preparation for a repeater differs significantly from that of a fresher. So how should you be approaching the familiar foe? Check these tips given below and know the best preparation strategy.

Best Preparation Strategy for CAT Repeaters:

Accept and move on

It is important to understand that repeating CAT is neither a failure nor should it be a source of demotivation. There could be many reasons behind your past mistake; it’s important to not be too hung up on it. Rather, use it as your stepping stone to success.

Analyze what went wrong

Start your preparation with a thorough analysis of your previous attempt. Since you’ve given the CAT exam previously, assess where you stand and answer the most important question – What let you down: speed or basic understanding?

One of the biggest reasons behind an unsuccessful attempt is a lack of basic understanding. While speed is important for any time-limited exam, major gains can be made only by revisiting the basics.

Analyze how much time you took to solve questions and your accuracy in the individual sections. Utilize this data and plan your next CAT preparation accordingly.

Avoid making the same mistakes

There is a tendency among repeaters to look for a quick fix. Avoid focusing just on your weaker sections. Give adequate time to improve each section. The CAT syllabus requires the candidates to not only have a clear understanding of the basics but also to strategize each section appropriately.

You can be selective in this regard, depending on your performance last time around. Remember to analyze your performance not just for your weaknesses but also to figure out what worked for you successfully.

Experiment with your approach

Oftentimes, repeaters are hesitant in changing their approach towards different sections. While practice does make things perfect, it’s also important to realize that successful CAT attempts can be achieved through a permutation of a variety of strategies.

Do not be reluctant to try out different strategies for attempting the question paper. While a certain approach might not appear very helpful, it may prove to be a significant upgrade. And this varies from person to person – if it works for your friend, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for you. When it comes to CAT preparation, trial and error is a proven method to formulate your strategy for the actual exam.

Mock tests

Take as many mock tests as possible. For the CAT exam, the mock test is not essentially a tool for practice as much as it is for analysis. Make it a habit to spend more time analyzing the said mock test than the time you took to take the actual test. Identify your weaker areas but don’t let your stronger sections suffer because of it. Give a minimum of 15-20 mocks before the actual exam and evaluate your improvements and areas of continued poor performance.

And at last, remember, tweaking test-taking strategies are not the be-all and end-all. For many candidates, learning and practising the topics from the CAT syllabus may be a source of even greater improvements.

With these strategies, CAT repeaters can easily prepare more effectively for the CAT and ace it easily. To get more such preparation strategies, stay tuned with BYJU’S. At BYJU’S, CAT aspirants are also provided with various engaging and interactive video lessons on CAT topics to help the candidates prepare more efficiently.