Are GMAT Private Classes Better Than Group Classes

When you are preparing for the GMAT exam there are several factors which you need to consider before you proceed with the same. Most of the individuals who are preparing for the GMAT exam are working professionals and hence they will have to master the art of balancing their full time job as well as preparing for one of the most competitive exams which will assist them with admissions into the B-schools of their choice. It will therefore be a difficult task for such candidates to adhere to stringent timelines if they opt for coaching classes to prepare for the GMAT exam. Since such individuals will already be hard pressed for time it will be a challenging ordeal to match the predefined time schedules which such coaching classes generally will impose on its students.

Although there are many benefits which the GMAT group classes offers it is still very cumbersome for any candidate to balance both their job and preparation efforts simultaneously. Some of the disadvantages which the group classes will have are listed out below :

  • Rigid Study plans and schedules

As already mentioned above the group classes tend to have study plans which are already pre-defined by the professors and the coaching centres. They will have a rigorous plan which all the students will have to follow. There won’t be any opportunity to change the schedules as per one’s convenience since it will affect the other student’s programs as well. In the event that you miss a class you will not be able to retake the same session once again since the professor will not be willing to teach the topic just for one individual. Additionally you will have to follow the study plan and the subjects in the same order as it is taught in the classes.

  • Distractions in the classroom

Another factor which would cause inconveniences to students who are studying in a group are the commotions and distractions which one would generally face in a classroom set up. Each of the students may have their own doubts to clarify and there may be constant interruptions to the flow of study in the class.

  • Commute time

You will have to take into consideration travelling substantial distances to attend these classes. Therefore one has to make suitable arrangements to travel and they must also factor in the time taken to commute to and from these coaching classes.

  • No individual attention

In most of these group classes there is a minimum of 20-30 candidates vying for the attention of the professor who will be teaching. Therefore it is impossible for you to expect individual attention and care from the professor who is helping you learn. While they may be available to clarify your doubts post the end of the session it will however not be the same as clearing your queries immediately.

As mentioned above there are quite a few significant disadvantages to attending group classes. In comparison the private classes provide the candidates with many benefits. Some of the major advantages are as follows :

  • One on one undivided attention

In comparison to the group classes the private classes provide you with the major advantage of complete attention from the professor. You will be able to request the professor to retake any concepts which you may not have completely understood. You will not have to compete for attention since you will be able to study dedicatedly with the assistance of the professor. You will be studying alone and therefore will not have to deal with any distractions or disturbances during your course of study.

  • Personalised/Customized study plan

When you opt for private classes you will have the option to study as per your requirements and will not have to follow a predefined study plan. You can do a self evaluation by attempting mock tests which will aid you to understand your strengths and weaknesses. You can draft a study plan according to the same so that you can study in a more effective manner.

  • No time clash issues

The private classes also give you the option to choose the timing of the classes as per your convenience and availability.You will no longer have to worry about missing classes due to a conflict between your work timings and your coaching classes. You can decide beforehand with your tutor on the class timings which will suit both your schedule and your professor’s availability.

  • Experienced professional assistance

The professor will be able to guide you with expert tips and guidelines on how to navigate your way through the GMAT preparation. Since they would be experienced they will be well aware of the general tricks and patterns which the GMAT exam uses and how to overcome them easily.

As mentioned above there are quite a few benefits towards studying in private classes when compared to studying in group classes. Although as every coin has two sides there is a flip side when you opt for private classes as well. Quality education especially from a private tutor never comes at a cheap price therefore you must be prepared to shell out a considerable amount to pay for your private tutor coaching classes. It is true that studying by yourself helps you to concentrate in a better manner however you will tend to lose out on brainstorming sessions with your peers when you study alone. You may not have any challenges or competition with other students. You may miss out on comparing your performance with that of others and would therefore not be aware of some areas of improvement or new techniques to solve problems. Therefore it is necessary to make an informed decision before you finalize on which classes you will choose for your GMAT preparation.

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