GMAT Score Validity

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is an online test administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) for securing admission in a graduate admission program such as an MBA.

Unlike precious gems and jewellery, the GMAT score doesn’t last forever. It has a validity period of five years. After five years from the date you take the test, your scores hold no good. In order to apply to a business program, you would need to send your five or less than five years old scores to B-schools of your choice. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key guidelines for the GMAT score validity.

Validity of the GMAT Score

The GMAT exam tests the candidates’ mathematical, verbal, data interpretation, writing skills in the English language. It is advisable for the candidates to check the validity of GMAT score before applying for the GMAT exam. The total GMAT score is measured on a scale from 200-800 and the candidates will receive scaled scores in five different components as given below:

  1. Quantitative Reasoning Score (0 to 60), with percentile
  2. Verbal Ability Score (0 to 60), with percentile
  3. Total GMAT Score (200 to 800), with percentile
  4. Analytical Writing Assessment Score (0 to 6), with percentile
  5. Integrated Reasoning score (1 to 8)
GMAT Section Score Range
Quantitative 0-60
Verbal 0-60
Total Scaled Score 200-800
Analytical Writing Assessment 0-6
Integrated Reasoning 1- 8

However, if you had taken the GMAT exam which is less than a decade old, you can gain access to a special score report request by paying a special fee. Nonetheless, this is just for your records, as business schools do not accept GMAT scores which are older than five years.

As a matter of fact, B-schools consider GMAT scores which are within the validity period of five years. Although the five years mark might begin before the application deadlines of some of the business schools. For instance, Harvard Business School Class of 2021 had invited Round 1 Application Deadline on September 5, 2018 and Round 2 Application Deadline on January 4, 2019. Any applications sent after these dates were not considered.

Most of the B-schools have set the cut-off of five years preceding their application deadline. To check if your scores can make the cut or not, you would need to contact the admissions office of the respective institution to learn their specific policies and know if your GMAT scores are valid or not.

Is your GMAT score valid in India?

While most of us are aware that CAT is the most acceptable score by Indian Institute of Management(IIMs), but there are some of the top B-schools which accept GMAT scores too. The GMAT score validity in India is up to 5 years. To name some of these top institutes in India accepting GMAT scores:

University/College Program Average GMAT Score (out of 800)
Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta PGPEX 700+
Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad PGPX 706
Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad YLP, PGP 700
XLRI, Jamshedpur GMP 700
Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore EPGP 695
IMT, Ghaziabad PGDM-Ex, PGDM 690
Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow IMPX 680
S.P.Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai PGDM 680
Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai PGPM 680
Indian Institute of Management, Indore EPGP 580(cut-off)

If you are fresh out of your college or in your final year of graduation, you can start prepping up for GMAT and sit for the exam as soon as possible. As the GMAT score is valid for five years, you can plan for your MBA in due course and secure admission in your dream B-school accordingly. On the contrary, if you’re a working professional, you need to maintain caution while preparing for the GMAT exam. Although there is no ideal time for preparation, it is advisable that you plan for the exam at least 3-4 months before taking the ultimate plunge. Meanwhile, keep a close check on the application deadline of various colleges so that you do not miss out to fill in the applications before it expires.

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