What Does Your GMAT Mock Score Tells You

“Winning takes care of everything” –  Tiger Woods

The quote is dedicated to all those who feel like they are bogged down by the pressure of GMAT marathon, remember the saying of World NO #1 Golf player.

Giving the opportunity for candidates/participants to take a practice or mock version of an exam before they take the real thing has huge benefits for all stakeholders. Through these mock test score, you can assess your preparation level, evaluate your performance that how you’re going to deal with questions in real exam time. And it accomplishes you with a self-satisfaction and pump-up your confidence level.

Through this article, we are gauging what your GMAT scores are indicating.

If your score lies between 200-400: This is going to be highly alarming situation for you and your preparations. You have to really work hard on your basics.Scoring in this range represents a very poor picture of your preparation.   Once you hone your skills on the basics your score will definitely climb up. And without wasting time much you have to immediately jump into next level of questions. There are certain chances that you face severe complications while dealing with next level questions.

If your score lies between 400-600: this range of scores indicate that you are familiar with the concepts mentioned in GMAT syllabus. You can able to solve basic level of questions with good accuracy. But your performance in intermediate and advanced level question is not up to mark consequently your speed automatically slows down. So you have to sharpen your skills on the advanced and intermediate level question. Practice more questions of higher level questions within a specific timing. Initially, try to solve the question even if it takes up to 10 minutes of brainstorming. Eventually, the brainstorming will reduce and your confidence will boost up in these questions.

If your score lies between 600-700: This range of score widens your scope of securing a selection in GMAT. Your concepts are pretty good and your accuracy is also fine. But still, you lag in speed and shortcuts. Plus you need to work on your endurance later. In this case, you need to improve your speed by shortcuts application on the questions. Once this is done, then you need to work just on your endurance.

If your score crossing 700: Ah las! Your scores are crossing 700 rather transfigure your confidence and dedication focus on mock tests. The more mock test you practice is the way to increase your endurance so that you can push the score to the maximum.

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