What to do after the GMAT?

Prior to scheduling your GMAT exam you will have to take into consideration the application deadlines of the various colleges you are applying to. This plays a crucial role towards the admission process. Once you have decided on the date of your exam, you will have to go about with diligent preparation for the exam. It will be a wise decision to have already commenced with your preparation in case the date of the exam is close after your registration process. This will be a demanding task since it involves long hours of dedicated study in the following topics –

  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Analytical Writing
  • Verbal
  • Integrated Reasoning.

Ensure that you invest in the correct study materials for the exam so that you are able to score high marks in the exam.

On completing your GMAT exam you have the option to send your GMAT scores on the test day to the universities which you have selected. In the event that you have not chosen any universities and would need more time before finalizing the colleges where you would like to apply then you can send your scores at a later date. This will however be charged at an additional fee for each school and report you require.

Now that you have crossed one of the major hurdles of completing your GMAT exam there are still several steps which you have to pay attention to so that your profile is complete before submitting it to the universities. As you would be aware there are several elements

which influence your admissions at the B-schools of your choice. Some of the significant ones are listed below –

  • SOP (Statement of Purpose) – The SOP is the document which would introduce yourself to the admissions committee of the universities. It would talk in detail about your aspirations, what you would plan on doing once you graduate, what are your career goals and future plans. It is essential that you are specific about all of the above mentioned details to give the adcom a clear picture. At the same time you must make sure that your SOP stands out among the hundreds of applications which the universities will receive. For this you will have to talk in depth about your achievements so far, since this will showcase your potential and the positive attributes to the adcom. It is not necessary to use flowery language when you are writing the SOP, it can be in clear and concise English. You can mention about the projects which you have undertaken and how it helped you develop your knowledge. You can adopt a style of writing which is engaging for the person reading it instead of merely stating facts and mechanically writing statements. You will have to remember to keep the tone of the essay formal but conversational. Do not give false information on your profile which you may not be able to justify to the universities at a later stage. You can portray yourself in a manner which would create an impact to the admissions committee so that they don’t find any reasons to reject your profile. Finally you must keep in mind to proofread your SOP, make the necessary changes required in it. You can even request any of your professors or other qualified individuals to suggest any improvements to your SOP.
  • LOR (Letter of Recommendation) – The LOR essentially has to come from any of your managers with whom you have worked with previously or your professors from your undergraduate degree. The Letter will be genuine only if you have worked closely with the person writing it. This way they will remember your achievements and positive attributes. You can even give them a gentle reminder about the projects you have worked on under their guidance and what are the key points you had learnt in the process. They will be able to recall your accomplishments and write a suitable LOR for you. It is essential for you to provide them with sufficient time to write the letter since they may be busy with other commitments. Do not badger them constantly but give them a soft reminder about your deadlines as well.
  • Internships which you have worked on – Any internships which you have done at a firm relevant to your course of study can be submitted as part of your application for GMAT as well. You can describe about the valuable information which you learnt by practically experiencing many scenarios. An internship from a reputed company is certain to boost up your profile at the time of admissions. Internship certificates are a valuable addition to the admissions process.
  • Work experience – This is one of the most important criteria for MBA admissions. This is because most of the top B-schools prefer to admit candidates who have a minimum of 4-5 years of work experience over freshers. They believe experienced candidates are capable of handling the rigorous and demanding schedules of an MBA program. Individuals with necessary work experience are also more aware of the functioning of a corporate environment since they would have practically experienced the same. Such candidates will know the cross department dependencies (Finance, Marketing, HR etc), have specialized knowledge of the domain they are trained in and have worked for. Your experience certificate is one of the crucial deciding factors by the top B-schools.
  • Extracurricular activities which you have taken part in – While the admissions committee is particular about the academic credentials of the applicants, they however prefer individuals who are versatile and can add diversity to their campus. If you have participated in any extracurricular activities in any field, for example- sports, literary events, photography, cultural events, Music etc then you can make a mention of the same. These are the factors which eventually sets you apart from the other applicants.

Once you have all of the above aspects of your profile in order, you can now concentrate on how to fund your MBA degree. There are many options available to students like – educational loans, scholarships, company’s financing etc which you can avail to finance your degree. You can conduct appropriate research before you finalize on the same. Now that you have sorted out most of the important steps you can spend time to research on the schools you have shortlisted and applied to. You can also review your profile so that you meet all the requirements of the college. Finally when you have gained admissions at the university of your choice you can make arrangements for your travel (flights) and for your stay on campus or nearby your college. This will assist you immensely since you are travelling to a new location by yourself.

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