Why a mobile app is better as compared to a book for GMAT preparation?

The preparation for the GMAT exam has evolved over the years drastically. In today’s world where technology has embraced all aspects of our lives it is true that it has made an impact even in the GMAT preparation as well. While previously candidates used to have only one mode for preparing for the exam (books/coaching classes), however nowadays they have a multitude of options available to them. There are many online learning methods like – App based learning, e-learning etc which has made preparing for the GMAT exam a very easy task. Some of the major advantages which such apps give when compared to books are listed as follows :

  1. Time factor – With a learning app it becomes easier to learn at any point of time as per your convenience. You do not have to worry about stringent schedules or missing on classes because of time clashes with your job or other commitments. The app presents you with the flexibility of choosing when to read, the duration you would like to read etc. This may not be possible with traditional learning approaches like using books and coaching classes etc. There is no time limit which you may have to adhere to while you are studying with a learning app.
  2. Visually appealing/engaging lessons – While books may provide you with details and also will be able to depict certain topics in lessons pictorially, it will still be majorly composed only of theoretical content. On the contrary the learning apps bring to you much more engaging methods of learning through explanatory videos, detailed presentations with graphs, illustrations etc. Igivet is true that individuals tend to learn and grasp concepts in a better manner when they have information presented to them in such visually appealing and stimulating manner. You will no longer have to study with the help of monotonous books alone for your GMAT preparation. You have multitude options available to you and one of the best online learning providers which can assist you with your GMAT preparation is BYJU’S.
  3. Interactive sessions – Studying using only books is a one way learning process, you will be able to only gain information which is mentioned in the books. There is no way for you to gather any inputs from this mode of learning. However this is not the case when you opt to read through learning apps. You will have access to several online discussion groups through which you can interact with other candidates who are also preparing for the GMAT exam as well. This way you are able to gain an idea about how your counterparts are preparing and can obtain insights on how to improve your performance in the exam as well. You could also share your knowledge about how to solve certain questions in a faster manner or about any tips and tricks which you have learnt. Such sessions tend to refresh the mind and give a much needed break from the relentless preparation of the GMAT exam. You will also be able to acquire valuable guidance from other like-minded individuals.
  4. Mode of learning – While most students are accustomed to studying only using books and under the presence of a guide, there are some candidates who would like to study on their own. For such individuals it is better to opt for the learning app mode of studying since this gives them the freedom to study independently without any external interference. In coaching classes one tends to get distracted easily due to the presence of many other individuals and the general classroom atmosphere. It will also be hard to receive the attention of the professor completely since each coaching class usually consists of 20-30 individuals. To avoid such inconveniences it is recommended that you opt for online coaching classes/learning app over conventional learning methods.
  5. Can study from anywhere – This is one of the key benefits of using a learning app you have the option to use it to study from anywhere – during your work breaks, commute, at home etc. You won’t have any restrictions or hindrances which will affect your learning process. While books may also provide you with this option, you will still not have as many features available to you in a book when compared to a learning app. The learning app makes it possible to listen to explanatory videos, grasp the concepts in a better manner all in an engaging manner. This will not be possible with the help of books since they have limited capabilities in comparison to the learning apps.
  6. Wide range of materials available – As mentioned earlier, the learning app provides lessons under every topic of the GMAT exam (Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Writing and Integrated Reasoning). These are all available in one app making it a very convenient way to learn for candidates. On the other hand if individuals opted for books instead then they would have to obtain multiple books to study and learn all of the topics mentioned for the exam. These learning apps also equips you by giving many practice exam options. The mock exams help you immensely to get acquainted with the pattern of the GMAT exam. It aids you to get accustomed to the testing methods used in the exam, mainly the adaptive testing methods, the time allocation for each section, the break patterns etc.
  7. Forums available for clarification of queries – Finally as previously mentioned learning from books is a one way learning platform whereas when you learn using an app you have access to various online forums where several candidates who are also preparing for the GMAT exam will be present. This will allow you to have brainstorming sessions with your other aspirant counterparts. It also aids you to clarify any doubts or queries which you may have on any of the topics of the exam. These would not be possible in the event that you are learning from books alone.

Therefore it is definitely beneficial if you plan to study using a learning app since it provides you with a good leverage when compared to studying from books alone.

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