Computer Science in Germany: Top Five Known Universities

Computer Science is a study that forms the basis of how computers work today. It focusses its application on the study of structured procedures (algorithms), which are then programmed. Today, computers are ruling the world, with each and every businesses finding uses for it. With the uncontrollable floods of data, managing it is a big challenge and the upgradation in computer technologies come as a boon to many, providing crucial business insights, ensuring smooth workflow, etc.

Germany is home to many world famous automobile manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, etc. As they start to focus their research towards self-driving cars, the demand for technically trained computer science engineers has gone up rapidly. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Computer Engineer is €54,000 per annum, which in terms of Indian Rupee is approx INR 42 Lakh per annum.

Advantages of Studying in Germany

  • Fees: Most universities in Germany are state-funded; meaning that there are little to no tuition fee needed to study there. The Germans believe that nobody should be denied the right to education, and hence made the cost of studying in colleges free.
  • Visa: A German student visa (Schengen Visa) grants you to travel through the European Union(EU) countries without obtaining distinct visas for each country.
  • Part-time work: The student visa allows the student to work for 90 days in a full year or 180 half-days in a year. The visa also lets the student stay on for one and a half years after the completion of the degree to find a job.
  • Quality of Labs: Most universities have high quality labs in the campus. As a massive endorsement of the quality of the labs, the Germans have won 107 Nobel prizes between them since the inception of the prize in 1901. Trivia: The first ever Nobel Prize winner is a German. Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen won the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Top Universities for Computer Science

World Rank  Name of University GRE Score
16 Technical University of Munich Quant:- 157

Analytical:- 3.5

42 Technical University of Berlin Not Known
47 LMU Munich Quant: At least above 80th percentile
58 University of Freiburg Not Mandatory. Greater than 50 percentile in all three sections
65 Heidelberg University No cut-off.

*All ranks from Times Higher Education

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