How to Convert CGPA to GPA?

GRE: CGPA Conversion

Often students planning for higher studies abroad worry about their CGPA and whether or not it will make the ‘cut’. And agreeably, whether or not your GPA will be adequate for admission to the universities of your preference is an important question. Your academics do play a crucial role in your final selection, as well as for scholarships. So, you must have a fair idea of how the CGPA conversion process occurs so that you are able to choose the colleges wisely. Also, your CGPA determines the category of colleges you can apply to and it plays an important role in addition to your GRE scores for shortlisting the colleges you would want to study at.

CGPA conversion process:

Most colleges in USA use the 4 point GPA scale which ranges from 0-4. The assigned grades are converted to respective grade points using:

Grade Grade Point
A 4
A- 3.67
B+ 3.33
B 3
B- 2.67
C+ 2.33
C 2
C- 1.67
D+ 1.33
D 1
D- 0.67
F 0

Most colleges in India use either a 10 point scale known as CGPA, or simply the percentage grading system. The 10 point scale can be either relative grading or absolute grading.

How to convert?

Most schools ask you to state your CGPA/Percentage without conversion, and indicate the scale that is used by your college. The colleges will check your relative marks and how well you scored among your college peers. The reason being that converting from an Indian GPA to a US equivalent is tedious. Since, you have to take care of factors such as quality of college, grading schemes, university marking schemes etc. Therefore, they would much rather change them according to their scales and only require your scores without any conversion.

Some schools provide their own conversion table, such as this one for example. It is from the school of Columbia:

Percentage Grade Point
90-100 4.0
80-89 3.3
70-79 2.3
60-69 1.3
Below 60 1.0

If you are applying to a college that specifically asks you to convert your score, but doesn’t specify any sort of scale/ conversion chart, you can use the following table, which is generally applicable so it is a little generic, but will work fine mostly:

Percentage 10 Point CGPA Equivalent GPA US grade equivalent Classification
60-100 6-10 4 A First Class
55-59 5-6 3.5 B+ Second Class
40-49 4-5 3 B Pass
<40 <4 2 C Fail

You can convert and send your scores with the help of various official services such as:

World Education Services, Inc. (WES)

Conversion chart provided by WES:

Scale Equivalent GPAUS Grade Equivalent60-1004A55-593.5B+50-543B43-492.5C+35-422C0-340F

World Education Services, Inc. (WES)

Bowling Green Station

P.O. Box 5087

New York, NY 10274-5087

Express Courier Address

64 Beaver St, #146

New York, NY 10004

Tel: 1 + (212) 966-6311

Fax: 1 + (212) 739-6100


Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE)

PO Box  514070

Milwaukee, WI 53203-3470

Tel: 414-289-3400

Tel: 310.258.9451

Fax: 310.342.7086



Notarized Document Translation Services:

Columbia Tutoring and Translating Agency

2960 Broadway, Mail Code 5727

New York, NY 10027

Tel: + 1 f(212) 854-4888

Fax: + 1 (212) 663-9398



HSA Translation (Harvard Student Agencies)

67 Mount Auburn Street Cambridge, MA 02138 USA

Phone: +1 (617) 495-3033

Fax: +1 (617) 496-8015



There you go. Using the above given tables and steps, you can check how good your chances are for selection. Keep in mind that the grad schools do not keep GPA as the only criterion for selection. Many a time, even with a low GPA, they may consider your application if you can show them a good overall profile and a well built GRE application package. Such as if you have a good GRE score, TOEFL score, LOR, SOP etc. then you still hold a prospect to gain an admit.

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