The impact of Internships on the Profile

Your profile plays a huge role in increasing your chances of getting into a top college. Every year thousands of students apply for a limited number of seats for various master’s degree programs in top colleges. In order to stand out from the rest of the applicants, you must build a profile which is unique. Internships are a very important part of your overall profile, especially for students who are pursuing graduation. There are various factors involved in internships which can add to your overall profile-

Startup –

You can do an internship at a startup. Working with a start-up will teach you a lot of things about how a business is run. You will get to tread on different paths, which will help you immensely in figuring out your areas of interest. The added responsibility at a startup will instil some entrepreneurial qualities in you. The values that you imbibe in a startup environment can substantially help you to grow into a more responsible and mature person.

Reputed firm –

Working for a reputed firm in your field is an indicator that you are good at your job. It says a lot about the skills and the academic accomplishments you possess. A computer engineer must be highly skilled in order to work for tech giants like Facebook, Google, IBM etc. Working with the best in your field can teach you a lot about how the big organisations work.


Make a difference in the lives of those, who do not have the same privileges as you do. Do some social work by working for the organisations that serve the less privileged. Work at old age homes, teach underprivileged children, participate in clean India drive etc. Doing these things will incorporate some leadership skills in you, as you will place service before self.

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Relevant industry –

You may not like the line of work you are doing currently. Work for any firm in the field you want to get into. Doing so will teach you a lot about that particular industry. In addition to gaining knowledge about the field, you will also add some relevant experience to your resume that can be really helpful to get a good job.

Most of the students mention similar things in their profile, which is not good for their chances of getting admission in the top colleges. Doing an internship with the kind of firms mentioned above will help you to make a mark in the minds of the people in the admission council, which will help you to get into the course of your interest.

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