Part-time Jobs and Internships


Once you have gained admission into the university of your choice the next step once you reach the campus is to try and figure out how to secure a part time job or internships to help pay for your expenses for your Masters Degree. Part time jobs are available in plenty for international students. However, international students are not allowed to work outside the campus. Therefore, students can apply for University approved part-time Jobs inside the campus. For inside the campus Part-time Jobs, the pay varies from 140$ to 300 $ per week. They are basic enough to cover your monthly expenditures, including rent, food and other necessities. However, it won’t be able to cover your educational expenses.

During summer vacations, you will have the option of working 40 hours per week. Pay rate remains the same. A lot of Indian students put in maximum efforts during Summers to gain extra money to cover their expenses. During the 1st year, the students are only allowed to work at jobs on campus, may be the library, the cafeteria or the gym. After one year, you can apply for a role as a Research Assistant, which is to look after the doubts that the students of the university come up with. A Research assistant gets accomodation for a 1 time snack along with the salary that he receives.

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Apart from all this,while in the second year of your study in college, you become eligible to receive a CPT, which is Curriculum Practical Training Program that gives permission to students to work outside the campus for maximum 20 hours a week, although some colleges might be more relaxed with the allotment of their timings.

Therefore, there are various funding options available for you, once you have landed in USA, and have completed a year in your grad school. Important thing to remember is that even though money is important, it should not affect your grades because your job depends on your CGPA a lot, much the same way as your admissions into the university depended on your GRE scores. Therefore, maintaining high grades in college and simultaneously working in part time jobs/internships is the ideal way to go, if you are able to manage all of it. However, if not, then make sure that you atleast keep your grades up.

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