Part time Masters - Pros, Cons and Scope in 2019

Acquiring a Masters degree adds fervor for future endeavors like career growth, higher pay packets, higher designation, and many other perks. However, bearing an office workload along with college studies and assignments can be overwhelming. Therefore one has to learn to strike a balance when pursuing their Masters along with a job. Such candidates could opt to do a Part-Time Masters Degree course.

Part-time Masters courses are also gaining momentum among the working class of the society because of the low course cost, easy funds available and more importantly it never demands one to quit a job.

Part-time Master Degree Courses – Career Benefits that You Should Know!

Numerous Master’s programs are popular as they offer high career growth, excellent remunerations, and a reputable designation. In a similar way, some courses provide part time degree courses like Masters in Technical, Management and Techno-Managerial flagships. Though it may require more time, it finally enables you to obtain a Master’s degree which would be extremely beneficial. Part time degree options are available in numerous fields, including:

  • The Sciences
  • Business Administration and Management opportunities
  • Information Technology, Communications, and Media
  • Human Resources, Employment Relations, and People Studies
  • Teaching
  • The Arts and Humanities

Other options are available in the Natural Sciences, Law, Engineering, Economics, Biological & Life Sciences, and Social Sciences.

Duration And Cost Of a Part Time Course

The course span of a part time Master’s program varies for each specialization, and from institution to institution. For example some courses may demand 2 years for completion while other courses may ask you to devote four years for acquiring the degree. The varied course durations depend on which colleges you have enrolled in. Likewise, the course fee also differs based on the time involved.  

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of a Part-time Masters degree:

Pros Of Studying Part-time

  • A Part Time degree is not rigid and can easily fit around work and family commitments.
  • Online learning facility has made part-time study far easier to learn manageably.
  • Working Professionals will be able to pay for the course completely or partially while studying itself.
  • It teaches about good time-management, skills to employers.
  • It fosters your employment prospects and your salary.
  • It helps you in making professional networks for future job reference.

Cons Of Studying Part-time

  • Part-time may not be as elaborate as full-time.
  • It can be challenging.
  • Pursuing part-time master degree course for a long time may lead to boredom, since the situations may keep changing.
  • Sometimes obtaining loans could become cumbersome
  • You should be able to manage time well when managing time for studies and work

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