5 Steps to Build a Killer Profile for MS Technical Program


Your GRE scores will not substantially influence the admission committee unless you present a strong profile for the offered flagship program by the most admired B-schools or Grad schools. On and off, candidates fail to present a strong profile proposal to persuade the admissions committee. Through this piece of article, we classify the flags which are most likely to be the mast of success in your MS admission program.

What is Profile Building?

Profile building is the step by step process of improving your value by strengthening the areas which the Grad school or B-school considers important for admissions in a particular field of the subject. It is not an overnight process and it can take anywhere between six months to one and a half years to build a good profile.

What are the Areas of profile building in MS program?

A robust admission application incorporates a powerful, effective and persuasive profile. After years of experience, our admission counselors have highlighted the five elements of a comprehensive profile building. And we recommend including at least three or four points which would add value to your profile building.

  1. Research, journal publication, and conference:

MS program is research-centric. If you have prior experience of outstanding research work in your undergrad program, it may increase your chances of getting admitted into the university of your choice. If you have done some comprehensive research work which needs to be published for the research fraternity, it may again elevate your selection chances. Additionally, if your research work gets recognized nationwide or worldwide & it may be presented at any conferences this may also reward you with increased chances of getting into your dream grad school or B -school.

  1. Internship, summer course and certification and exchange program

An internship is experiencing theoretical knowledge gained by years of study in a practical method at an industry or any organization for a short duration of two-three months during your tenure at the university. Summer Courses are two-three weeks programs organized by various renowned universities worldwide for their prospective students. Generally, the college administrations have tie-ups with different colleges and grant an offer to the students from the same department to become a part of their coursework or research they are pursuing. These are known as Exchange programs. Sometimes colleges offer few certification courses to hone your skills in that particular area of the subject. Therefore, all these together enhance and promote your profile.

  1. Active involvement in clubs, forums:

Despite, good academic records, admission counselors look for diversity in their prospective students. For this, they pay attention towards the involvement of the students in non-academic activities like participating in sports, contributing in students clubs and forums among many other activities. These participations enable you to make your presence in your network with students as well.

  1. Filing of the patent for an innovative idea or project

If you have mentioned an innovative idea or project in your Statement of Purpose (SOPs) then certainly your chances of getting into your dream college increases. You should write the SOP expressing how important the project is to you & how the desired college will also benefit from your idea or project. You can also mention the mutual contribution you and your college will make which could bring awareness to the society.

  1. Participation in community and social causes

As discussed, the university looks for diversity in its students, so if you have actively participated in the welfare of society or social causes, it will also add up more dazzling stars to your profile.

Hence, all these are constituents of a good and solid profile, work on these and mark your presence by standing out from the queue.Share your views by posting your comment below. You can ask for assistance related to GRE preparation and MS from us by just giving a missed call at +918884544444, or you can drop an SMS. You can write to us at ms@byjus.com.