Study Material for IPS Exam: The Complete Guide

Preparing for the coveted UPSC Civil Services test is both difficult and rewarding. Aspirants who begin their IPS preparation journey are bound to have a lot of questions and a lot of answers.

You should prefer limited sources and study by making notes wherever required. What you need to finish is your UPSC syllabus and not books! In this article, you will get a comprehensive IPS Study Material list for your reference.

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About IPS Exam

When one thinks of UPSC, particularly the IPS test, many doubts and questions arise. They’re inundated with possibilities and inquiries about what to do next and how to do it. At BYJU’S, we try to help you and make the procedure as simple as possible. One might find themselves having questions as follows:-

  1. In IPS, what kinds of questions are asked?
  2. What is the format of the IPS exam?
  3. Is math required for the IPS exam?
  4. Is it possible to pass the exam by studying on your own?
  5. What sources do I use to stay up with current events?
  6. Where can I find IPS Study Material?

IPS Exam Study Material 2023

To join the Indian Police Service (IPS), you must pass the Union Public Service Commission’s (UPSC) Civil Services Exam (CSE) with flying colours. The UPSC conducts the Civil Service Exam (CSE) to select candidates for various services, including IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, etc. Prelims, Mains, and Interview, are the three stages of the Civil Services Exam. After the UPSC interview, there would be a medical test the next day.

NCERT Materials provide applicants with a foundation of knowledge. In addition, to pass the exam, hopefuls must read from various sources. Find here study material for the IPS exam.

Subjects NCERT Notes Link
Ancient History Ancient Indian History Notes For IPS Exam
Medieval History Medieval Indian History Notes For IPS Exam
Modern History Modern Indian History Notes For IPS Exam
Art and Culture Art And Culture For IPS Exam
Geography Geography Notes For IPS Exam

CSE exams include a section on current events to clear. Make sure to be comprehensive in your preparation and stay up to date on current events through various sources other than the daily newspaper.

In-Depth Study Material

Other links provide compiled notes and complete study material for IPS study material free download pdf. One can find resourceful knowledge here, and get their preparation started in a whim. No more delays and no more time wastage and pressure.

  • Free UPSC Notes for General Studies
  • Free Sociology Notes for UPSC
  • Management Study Material
  • History UPSC Prelims Notes
  • History Study Material (Mains Syllabus)
  • Political Science UPSC Study Material
  • Anthropology UPSC Study Material
  • Free Law Study material/notes
  • Online Biotechnology Study Material for Botany
  • Free Online History Notes for IAS Exam

Important Tips to Clear IPS Exam

  1. Make newspaper reading a habit- It is critical to devote sufficient time to read newspapers and to use the material gleaned for taking notes on the numerous areas and topics covered during your preparation.
  2. Create a network of questions around each question—Learn to create a network of topics that could arise from a single topic. This will aid you not only in your study for the mains and essay, but also in your interview preparation.
  3. Stick to one good book per subject- “Rather than spending on many textbooks and not being able to do justice to the substance in them, it is best to read one book several times over.”
  4. Make the most of abbreviations.
  5. Find short forms and acronyms for easy learning.


The IPS test is a crucial one that may be passed with the help of good study materials and constant effort. We make every effort to give you excellent IPS study material and IPS exam study materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions about IPS Study Material


What subjects should be a part of an aspiring IPS officer’s study material?

An aspiring IPS officer’s study material should be on subjects like History, Sciences, Political science, geography, and economics.


How does one become a member of the Indian police force?

An IPS Officer might be hired in one of two ways. The first is through UPSC’s civil services test, held as a direct recruiting process. Another method is to conduct promotional interviews and tests within the unit.

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