Geometry for CAT Exam

Geometry for CAT Exam


Are you preparing for the CAT exam this year and being driven up the wall? It is natural for people to get stressed at this time; however, with a systematic approach, things can get simple. Quantitative analysis is one of the areas where a lot of stress is given. Read our tips and tricks that will help you focus more on algebra and geometry.


Coordinate geometry for CAT

Geometry is one of the important topics of CAT Quantitative Aptitude section. Some of the topics that need to be practised parallelly along with coordinate geometry are circles, parallel lines and triangles out of which congruency and similarity of triangles are quite stressed upon.

Like any other section, this section needs a lot of practice. Try to solve as many online CAT mock test/CAT model tests as possible to get familiar with the tips & tricks for geometry. Learn all the basic geometrical formulas and coordinate geometry formulas as knowing all the formulas will help you solve the problems easily.

CAT Geometry Preparation Tips:

 Spend at least 3 to 4 hours every day practicing geometry for CAT exam and quantitative analysis as a whole. The more you spend time with the problems, the more familiar they will get.

 Write the geometry formulas down on a piece of paper and stick it onto the wall where you can see it regularly. It’ll help you memorize them.

 If you are stuck with a geometry question, don’t waste your time trying to solve it right away. Instead, get on with the others and come back to the question when you are done with the rest.

 Serial CAT topper Byju Raveendran who heads BYJU’S Classes says that Geometry is the easiest of all the sections if one practice with a clear mind. It is a combination of numbers and diagrams. Use the tricks and tips by him in the video given below.

Geometry in CAT is one of the easiest sections of QA, if you spend enough time preparing for it, you can easily secure 30% and increase your overall CAT score. Check geometry questions to practice different questions and prepare this topic effectively.

Watch Understanding Geometry for CAT from this video and learn the tricks and tips by BYJU’S, useful for solving CAT Geometry questions in a jiffy.


Understanding Geometry Part I

Understanding Geometry Part II

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