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Common Mistakes to Avoid in CAT RC Section

One of the most time-taking question types in the CAT exam is the reading comprehension questions. In RC questions, the verbal and comprehending skills of the candidates are analyzed. Though the RC questions are time-taking and tricky, with proper preparation, CAT aspirants can easily solve them efficiently in the exam.

In most cases, candidates fail to secure good marks in this section due to some common mistakes they commit. These mistakes need to be avoided while attempting the CAT Reading comprehension section in order to solve the questions efficiently. Some of the most common mistakes are mentioned below.

Mistakes to Avoid in RC Passages:

  • Memorizing

RC passages are meant to test the verbal and comprehending capabilities of the individual. Memorizing lines, words or passages is never a good idea. The questions from the passages always require proper understanding and reasoning skills to be able to answer them. So, understand the subject and flow of the passages while mapping the key points in the individual passages. For fact-based questions, re-read those passages and answer.

  • Not Paying Attention To Details

Most RC passages include certain information that is extremely crucial for the passage’s main theme or subject. Question setters always put this trap in this section and include questions from some contexts which might seem trivial. So, read the entire passage thoroughly and understand every detail that it implies.

  • Reading The Passage First

In RC questions, it is important to check the questions first and then read the passage properly. By reading the questions first, one can easily analyze the important points in the passage and can give proper attention to such information. So, read the questions first and keep the key points in mind while reading the passage.

  • Getting Struck with Vocabulary

One of the most common mistakes that the candidates commit is wasting a lot of time in understanding the exact meaning of all the words. Though a good vocabulary is desirable, in most cases, one can easily comprehend the passages without understanding certain words. It is suggested to avoid getting stressed if the meaning of a certain word is unknown.

  • Falling into the Traps

The paper setters set up various traps for the CAT candidates to reduce their performance in the RC section. Some of the common traps include scope traps, dreamer traps, etc. Always check what the passage is all about and pay attention to certain words. Never go for options that are out of the scope of the passage and pay attention to certain trigger words like “however”, “but”, etc. as they might change the whole meaning of a particular phrase or a paragraph.

These were some of the easily-avoidable mistakes that CAT candidates often commit while attempting the RC questions. It is suggested to avoid these common mistakes in the exam to be able to ace this section. Know how to improve reading comprehension from the link and be able to tackle any question with ease. It is also suggested to practice several RC questions before the exam.

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