How To Improve Logical Reasoning For CAT Exam

Logical Reasoning is one of the important topics of CAT examination, both Data Interpretation, and Logical Reasoning contains 60 marks, it tests both mathematical and logical reasoning abilities of a candidate. Here some tips are given to improve your Logical Reasoning abilities which will help you to understand and score more marks in the CAT examination.

  1. Never assume information

    Read the passage and problem statements VERY carefully, keeping all prejudices and prior knowledge aside. Consider the problem statement for that particular passage and take down the given facts without assuming any secondary shades of the facts.

  2. Pay attention to the words

    Words like “all”, “some” “none”, “other than”  “only” or “unless” play an important role in determining the facts for the particular passage. Pay attention to negative prefixes as well, such as “non-“, “un-“, or “dis-“. These can be crucial in specifying the basic facts of the paragraph. Establishing the facts of the paragraph lends you the necessary tool while eliminating options

  3. Be careful of the choices you make

    Be very careful while selecting the answer choices, especially if any of them contain the quantifiers “all” or “none”. Generally, in both, the sample practice questions and in the actual CAT assessment, these words are NOT signs of incorrect response choices. They will appear in both correct and incorrect response choices. Keep any and ALL bias aside.

  4. Use your time wisely

    If you come across a question where you are unsure of the answer you have selected or are facing difficulties in establishing the logic behind it, temporarily move further to solve the other questions in the LR section. You can always return to it, after solving the other questions. This not only utilizes your time appropriately but maintains your confidence in answering. It is essential you don’t lose your calm during the examination.

  5. Practice regularly

    Practice sample reasoning questions from the past 10 years with respect to Logical Reasoning for CAT. It will give you an insight into why each choice for the given question is correct. This will reflect in the actual test. It doesn’t imply that you work like a mule; spend quality time working on your identifying your weaker areas and assessing the question types. By becoming comfortable with them, you will easily be able to identify them in real-time during CAT and with enough practice, your speed and accuracy at solving questions will increase substantially.

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