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MBA Colleges in Patna | List of Colleges in Patna, Rankings, Specialisations Offered

Patna, formerly called as Pataliputra, is Bihar’s capital and one of India’s oldest cities. The city has long served as the region’s primary educational centre, and it is now considered as a major business and educational hub in Eastern India. It is India’s 19th most populous state, according to the 2011 census, with a literacy rate of 83.37 per cent, which is higher than Bihar’s. Patna University, founded in 1863, is the seventh oldest university on the Indian subcontinent. Patna is a traditional educational centre and one of India’s safest cities.

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A major commercial hub and India’s fifth fastest-growing city, Patna has a very high GDP when compared to other major cities in the country. As per the World Bank, Patna was ranked second best city for starting a business after Delhi in 2009. Patna’s economy is heavily reliant on crop exports. It is a major agricultural centre, brewery hub, electrical goods maker, and home to a variety of small businesses.

List of MBA Colleges in Patna

College Name

Entrance Exam Accepted


L.N. Mishra Institute of Economic Development and Social Change



₹1.12 L – 1.6 L

Footwear Design and Development Institute



₹5.40L-5.60 L

Chandragupt Institute of Management



₹7.65 L

IIBM – Indian Institute of Business Management


₹80 K – 2.76 L

Patna University


₹9 K – 1.09 L

BIT Mesra – Extension Center, Patna


5.89 L

DMI – Development Management Institute


₹6 L

ISM – International School of Management


₹2.8 L

J.D. Women’s College


₹70 K

Nalanda College


₹1 L

Anugrah Narayan College

Not Prescribed

Not Prescribed

Vanijya Mahavidyalaya, Patna University

Not Prescribed

Not Prescribed

R.P. Sharma Institute of Technology

Not Prescribed

Not Prescribed

Directorate of Distance Education – Patna University

Not Prescribed

Not Prescribed

College of Commerce, Arts and Science, Magadh University

Not Prescribed

Not Prescribed

B.D. College

Not Prescribed

Not Prescribed

IAM Institute of Hotel Management, Patna

Not Prescribed

Not Prescribed

SNB College of Pharmacy and Management

Not Prescribed

Not Prescribed

Bradford International Business School

Not Prescribed

Not Prescribed

BS College

Not Prescribed

Not Prescribed

Amity University, Patna

Not Prescribed

Not Prescribed

MBA Specialisations Offered by Colleges in Patna

MBA in Marketing

Because marketing has become the focal point of any business that generates revenue in recent times, it has become one of the most highly desirable specialisations, and MNCs and business firms have actively wanted individuals with an MBA in Marketing who have strong marketing skills and competencies. Consumer buying behaviour, sales forecasting, marketing analysis, digital marketing, promotion, marketing automation, brand building, product promotion, marketing communications, and corporate communications are some of the topics covered by the MBA in Marketing specialisation. The programme gives students a comprehensive understanding of essential sales and marketing principles, with an emphasis on marketing management. After earning an MBA in Marketing, you can work in a variety of industries, including commerce, hospitality, finance, media, advertising, consulting, and sales. Listed below are the job prospects after completion of an MBA with a Marketing specialisation.

Marketing Manager

Director of Marketing

Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing Research Analyst

Product Manager


MBA in Human Resource Management

Human resource managers are regarded as the company’s backbone in today’s corporate sector. The MBA in human resource management will provide you with a strong foundation in human resource management. Students gain practical knowledge of how the company’s personnel skills are integrated. HR Managers are in charge of a range of administrative tasks, including hiring and training skilled employees for their specific roles, providing training on the company’s regulations and policies, organising and monitoring, and providing essential information and training for workers to adapt to the workplace culture and rules. The job prospects after MBA in Human Resource Management are listed below.

Talent Acquisition Manager

HR Manager

Training Specialist

HR Generalist

Onboarding Manager

Payroll Specialist

MBA in Finance

MBA in Finance has been one of the most popular management specialisations in recent years. Unlike other domains, where students can pursue a career in a specialised professional domain, students can choose and work in industries such as technology, manufacturing, entertainment, telecommunications, transportation, and retail when they complete their specialisation in finance. Accounting, forecasting, monitoring and reporting, strategic planning and capital management are among the diverse topics which prepare students for a full-fledged career in finance. A list of job prospects for persons who have obtained an MBA in Finance is provided below.

Financial Analyst

Investment Banker


Risk Manager

Chief Financial Officer – CFO

Credit Manager

MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The demand for logistics experts is increasing as the flow of goods, data, and documents must be efficiently managed. By formulating quality and cost-effective procurement approaches, end-to-end supply chain principles such as supply chain decisions, developing an awareness of the strategic framework, managerial concerns, and best practices related to demand-fulfilment process planning and execution, channel management and logistics management, an MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management prepares students to succeed in an exceedingly challenging global environment. Goods stream through a vast chain of transportation before being delivered to the end consumer, from the delivery of raw materials from suppliers to the delivery of finished items to customers, stacking and storing them in warehouses, all while managing the information and financial flows that these processes entail. A list of job prospects for persons who have obtained an MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is provided below.

Inventory Manager

Logistic Manager

Supply Chain Consultant

Logistic Coordinator

Traffic Manager

Transport Manager

MBA in Entrepreneurship

The MBA Entrepreneurship specialisation is aimed to prepare aspiring entrepreneurs, such as those who want to establish their own business or take over their family’s business. An MBA in Entrepreneurship prepares graduates to oversee investments and manage a business efficiently. The programme will help individuals to identify, discover, develop, and expand their entrepreneurial spirit. A list of job prospects for persons who have obtained an MBA in Entrepreneurship is provided below.

Business Analyst

New Venture Developer

Business Consultant

MBA in International Business

On a global scale, India is the biggest emerging economy. International businesses and multinational corporations with branches in India and outside the country require well-qualified professionals who are compliant with industry techniques with an overview of the business operations in a competitive landscape. Managing international finance, having intercultural communicative competence in sensitivity to cultural diversity and workplace structure across international borders are covered in this specialisation. Exports and imports are increasing at an incredible rate, resulting in a significant increase in trade policy regulations and laws. Students with an MBA in International Business are well-positioned to seek a competitive profession in today’s increasingly fast-paced economic environment, enhancing their productive capacity. A list of job prospects for persons who have obtained an MBA in International businesses is provided below.

Global Marketing Manager

Foreign Exchange Manager

International Sales Manager

International Finance Manager

International Trade Compliance Manager

Export Coordinator

List of MBA Colleges in Patna According to Rankings


Name of the Management Institution




Chandragupta Institute of Management



International School of Management – ISM, Patna

Times B-School Rankings


International School of Management – ISM, Patna


Reasons to Pursue MBA in Patna

Patna is an excellent place to pursue a management degree. Patna’s economic chart has steadily improved over the years as a result of the rise of the retailing industry, service sector, and organic agricultural enterprises, among the other industries, which ensures better placements. Patna is home to the STPI – Software Technology Park of India. Patna was ranked the second best city in India for starting a business by the World Bank in 2009. With an annual growth rate of 3.72 per cent, it is India’s sixth fastest developing metropolitan city. The Patna metropolitan region is the second largest in Eastern India, and it is one of the world’s oldest human civilisation centres. The city’s well maintained public transit system connects all of the area’s neighbourhoods, and the city has been upgraded to the level of any other large metropolis in the country, with modern infrastructure, widespread motorways, and other facilities. Another notable feature in Patna is the Khuda Bakhsh Library which has saved and maintained about 21000 oriental manuscripts and 2.5 million books for more than 120 years.


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