Routine to Follow for Sure Shot Success in CAT Exam 2022

About two lakh candidates register for the CAT every year. It becomes imperative to follow a strict routine for CAT preparation and stick to it religiously. Still, the candidates need to have a proper respective routine and follow that accordingly for effective preparation. It is suggested that the candidates should start their preparation at the earliest.

The routine suggested here is the most preferred way to prepare effectively score well in CAT 2022. First, one should make their basics clear. The basics contain the fundamentals of classes eight, nine and ten. After clearing the basics, the CAT level questions should be attempted. Then, shortcuts and tricks should be learned that will help to solve the problems within a minute.

CAT Question Papers & Sample Papers

Recommended Study Schedule For CAT 2022:

Month December Jan Feb March April May June July August Sept-Nov
QA Progressions
Arithmetic 1,2
SDTW-  1,2
P&C 1,2
Numbers-1,2,3 Numbers4,5
Sets and Venn Diagram
Probability, Geometry 1,2 Geometry 3,4 Geometry 5, Equations, Inequations Functions, Algebra Miscellaneous Revision, CAT Pattern Workshop,
Mock Tests
DILR DI&LR 1 DI&LR 2,3 DI&LR 4, 5 DI&LR 6,7 DI&LR 8,9 DI&LR 10,11 DI&LR 12,13 DI&LR 14 Revision, CAT Pattern Workshop,
Mock Tests
VARC Intro to verbal ability RC Diagnostics, Reading Principles Main Theme 1,2
Grammar 1
RC rules 1,2
RC practice 1,2
Grammar 2, Grammar System error, FIJ,CR1,2,3 Last line questions
Summary Questions
Para jumbles 1,2
Syllogisms, Philosophy Passage Revision, CAT Pattern Workshop,
Mock Tests
Checkpoints Chapter-wise Tests Chapter-wise Tests Chapter-wise Tests Chapter-wise Tests Chapter-wise Tests Chapter-wise Tests Chapter-wise Tests Chapter-wise Tests Mixed Bag Tests

The months of September 2022 to November 2022 should be dedicated to mock tests. At this time, no new topic should be learned and the candidates need to focus only on the known topics. The schedule is given for one whole year so that the students can prepare and revise effectively for the exam. By following this routine, the CAT aspirants can clear their doubts, revise and work on improving their mock scores before the exam.

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