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Top MBA Colleges in India Placement-Wise, Average Salary, Placements 2021

Pursuing an MBA from the best colleges in the country is the dream of every MBA Aspirant. Every college varies from each other in terms of placements, rankings, fee structure, research facilities, and learning resources. Apart from the IIMs, several other management institutes offer top-quality management education. The demand for MBA professionals has always been intense, and it is likely to continue to rise in the post-pandemic period. Please refer BYJU’S CAT College Predictor tool.

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The MBA programme provides you with the necessary expertise and skills required for administration, but it also opens the door to a variety of rewarding employment prospects with high remuneration. Placements are one of the important factors considered when choosing an MBA institution. The variety of placement options varies by institution, and it is determined by the institution’s reputation, the quality of the education provided, and several other factors. This article will provide you with an overview of the best B-Schools in the country based on placements and rankings.

Top MBA Colleges in India According to Placements

To make your MBA college selection easier, we’ve compiled a list of India’s top MBA schools below.

Name of the Institution

Average Salary


IIM Ahmedabad – Indian Institute of Management

₹50.00 Lakhs

₹ 23.00 Lakhs

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

₹29.28 Lakhs

₹ 23.00 – 25.00 Lakhs

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

₹8.27 Lakhs

₹ 25.8 Lakhs

IIM Bangalore – Indian Institute of Management

₹32.10 Lakhs

₹26.18 Lakhs

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

₹9.60 Lakhs

18.00- 19.00 Lakhs

IIM Kozhikode – Indian Institute of Management

₹20.80 Lakhs

₹20.50 Lakhs

Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi

₹18.5 Lakhs.

₹9.60 Lakhs

IIM Indore – Indian Institute of Management

₹23.60 Lakhs

₹21.06 Lakhs

IIM Lucknow – Indian Institute of Management

₹19.25 Lakhs

₹21.06 Lakhs

XLRI Xavier School of Management

₹23.00 Lakhs

₹ 30.73 Lakhs

IIT Kharagpur – Vinod Gupta School of Management – VGSOM

₹10.31 Lakhs

₹18.44 Lakhs

Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI)

₹23.90 Lakhs

₹30.7 Lakhs

Management Development Institute

₹20 L- 21.34 Lakhs

₹. 23.15 Lakhs

National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai

₹12.50 L – 14.65 Lakhs

₹22 L-24 Lakhs

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

₹7.00 Lakhs

₹11.50 Lakhs

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

₹ 20.84 Lakhs

₹8.00 L-9.00 Lakhs

Indian Institute of Management Raipur

₹ 20.61 Lakhs

₹14.20 Lakhs

Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli

₹ 14.85 Lakhs

₹ 16.5 Lakhs

Indian Institute of Management Udaipur

₹13.00 Lakhs

17.90 Lakhs

S. P. Jain Institute of Management & Research

₹10.40 Lakhs

₹ 25.86 lakhs

Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines)

₹ 10.02 Lakhs

₹35.79 Lakhs

Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology

₹30.00 Lakhs

Highest Package

₹14.5 Lakhs

T. A. Pai Management Institute Manipal

₹11.80 Lakhs

₹16.00 Lakhs

Indian Institute of Management Kashipur

₹14.05 Lakhs

₹15.42 Lakhs

Xavier University

₹17.54 Lakhs

₹17.80 Lakhs

Goa Institute of Management

₹30.20 Lakhs (Highest Package)

₹18.07 Lakhs

Lovely Jamia Millia IslamiaProfessional University

₹ 23.4 K – 3.90 Lakhs

₹42.00 Lakhs

Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation University (K L College of Engineering)

₹24.50 Lakhs (Highest Package)

₹5.21 Lakhs

Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad

₹ 15.28 Lakhs

₹ 6.00 L – 19.53 L

Atal Bihari Vajpayee Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management

₹16.00-17.00 Lakhs

₹1.79 L (First Year)

Jaipuria Institute of Management

₹7.4 Lakhs

₹11.75 Lakhs

Alliance University

₹21.60 Lakhs (Highest Package)

₹13.50 Lakhs

Indian Institute of Management Sambalpur

₹ 12.64 Lakhs

₹20.73 Lakhs

International Management Institute Bhubaneswar

₹10.07 Lakhs

₹12.05 Lakhs

Institute of Management Technology

₹ 13.10 Lakhs

₹12.03 Lakhs

Graphic Era University

₹ 5.38 Lakhs

₹5.00 to 6.00 Lakhs

Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University

Indian Institute of Management, Amritsar

₹12.68 Lakhs

₹13.20 Lakhs

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow

₹10.00 Lakhs-11.00 Lakhs

₹11.00 Lakhs

Indian Institute of Management, Nagpur

₹13.00 Lakhs

₹18.00 Lakhs

BML Munjal University

₹8.40 Lakhs


Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology

₹ 21.35 Lakhs

(Highest CTC)

₹9.31 Lakhs

Fore School of Management

₹ 14.04 Lakhs

₹12.00-16.00 Lakhs

Birla Institute of Management Technology

₹8.24 Lakhs

₹12.00 Lakhs

Chandigarh University

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

₹28.00 Lakhs

(Highest Package)

₹1.05 L-6.05 Lakhs

Admission Process for the Top 5 Colleges in India

The Admission process for the majority of the top MBA colleges remains the same. Candidates are assessed based on their entrance exams, followed by group discussions. Some colleges have substituted the group discussions for personal interviews. Candidates need to thoroughly understand and research the admission process of their desired management institute to be prepared well in advance and avoid the last-minute hassle. Some institutions conduct their university entrance exam followed by a Personal Interview. For a better understanding of the MBA colleges’ admission process, we have compiled essential information regarding the admission process for the top 5 MBA colleges in India.

IIM Ahmedabad – Indian Institute of Management

  • Candidates at IIMA are admitted/selected based on their CAT scores. A two-step method is used to select candidates for admission to the PGP 2022-24 cohort at IIMA. According to their available scores, percentages of marks for applicants who have not yet completed their bachelor’s degree will be computed.
  • In the first step, candidates who have a valid CAT score, have applied to the programme, and meet the program’s eligibility standards are shortlisted for the Analytical Writing Test (AWT) and Personal Interview (PI).
  • The cut-off was set at 80%. However, it is differentiated depending on the reservation categories. The proportion of marks awarded by the candidate’s institution/university shall be considered conclusive for the bachelor’s degree.
  • If the educational establishment does not give a percentage of marks, it will be calculated using the grades received in all categories stated on the marks sheet.
  • To guarantee that the eligibility criteria hamper no one, the IIMA Admissions committee has extended the candidate list shortlisted for interview (AWT-PI process) to include individuals with graduation grades who match the criteria’s shortlisting cut-offs. There will be two levels of shortlisting for the Analytical Writing Test (AWT) and Personal Interview (PI). From the pool of applicants, outstanding students from several disciplines are chosen.
  • The CAT score is a significant factor in the admissions process. The top 5% of applicants to IIMA who appear for the CAT Exam in each academic category (AC) are confined to the respective categories – General/SC/ST/NC-OBC/PwD.
  • Consequently, referred to as ACRC groups, they will be shortlisted for AWT & PI based on the composite score ‘CS’ subject to their fulfilling criteria among the applicants to IIMA who appear for will be shortlisted for AWT & PI based on the composite score
  • In addition to CAT scores, IIMA considers candidates’ scholastic achievement throughout their academic pursuits up to the bachelor’s degree level for shortlisting for AWT and PI.
  • IIMA selects AWT and PI candidates independently of the other IIMs. As a result, there are differences in the lists of candidates shortlisted by different IIMs.
  • After the CAT results are released, information about the shortlisted candidates will be posted on the IIMA webpage. IIMA will also send AWT and PI call letters to shortlisted candidates. IIMA makes admission offers to successful students after the AWT and PI rounds.
  • The final selection is based on various factors, including CAT, AWT, and PI results, scholastic performance, co-curricular, and extra-curricular achievements, work experience, etc. All candidates for the IIMA should also meet the age requirements set by the administration.
  • The cut-offs are determined by numerous variables, including the candidate pool, the distribution of CAT scores, and other factors that may change year by year. The IIMA Committee reserves the right to change the cut-offs if necessary in view of Exam results.
  • Foreign citizens in India must only take the GMAT and qualify through the Supernumerary Quota category. Candidates should visit the IIMA website for further information. If changes to the Shortlisting and Selection Criteria are deemed necessary, IIM Ahmedabad maintains the right to make them at any time.

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

  • There are three stages in the criterion for short-listing and final selection for the MBA Program at IIM-C: – Minimum CAT percentile cut-offs for PI evaluation.
  • There is a separate short-list for PI. (PI) Short-listed candidates will be chosen based on their CAT 2021 score as well as other factors such as academic accomplishment etc. If candidates reach the minimum benchmarks for section-wise and overall percentiles in CAT, they will be short-listed for consideration in Stage II (both section-wise and total).
  • It is recommended that the percentile be set at 85%. This applies to the open category. Depending on the reservation category, the percentile requirement varies. Because the number of candidates summoned for a personal interview (PI) in each category will determine the exact section-by-section and overall percentile cut-offs, they may be significantly higher than the minimum percentiles mentioned on the official site.
  • Short-listed candidates who meet the Stage-I criteria will be invited for a Personal Interview (PI) based on the composite score calculated using the variables and factors indicated on the webpage. Following the computation of composite scores, composite cut-offs for each category will be determined in order to short-list candidates for Stage II of the screening process.
  • The number of candidates short-listed for PI in each category is determined by the size of the incoming batch and is at the Institute’s sole discretion. Points are awarded for grades in classes 10 and 12. Final Selection Criteria for the MBA Program Candidates presenting in Stage II will receive a composite score for final selection based on the parameters and criteria.
  • Personal Interview, CAT Score, Scholastic Diversity at the Bachelor’s level for non-engineering degrees, and Work Experience also add up to the points. A range of eight points will be awarded for work experience depending on the length of service (in completed months) as of the specified date. Only managerial job experience obtained after completing a bachelor’s degree will be taken into account. Work done as part of a scholastic mandate, such as coursework or group projects, would not be recognised.

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

  • For the two-year flagship programme of SJMSOM, IIT Bombay, the Admission/Selection Process and selection of applicants for admission to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme is divided into two phases. In the first stage, candidates who meet the eligibility criteria will be short-listed for a Personal Interview.
  • Candidates who achieve a minimum overall percentile score, as well as a minimum sectional percentile score in CAT 2021, will be considered for short-listing for the PI procedure. The composite scores calculated are used to short-list candidates for the PI procedure.
  • Short-listing for PI will be based on a composite score (Personal Interview). Candidates will be short-listed for this round based on their composite score based on many characteristics such as CAT Exam performance, academic profile, 12th-grade marks, graduation, inclusivity, postgraduate course and work experience. The candidate’s aggregate normalised CAT score will be given 70% weightage.
  • The candidate’s composite score across many parameters will be used to create a short list of candidates. The reservation policy of the Government of India is strictly followed by SJMSOM IIT Bombay. Applicants must complete the online application form, which will be available on the website following the announcement of the CAT results.

IIM Bangalore – Indian Institute of Management

  • To determine a candidate’s suitability for the PGP, the IIMB considers a variety of factors, including academic performance in 10th and 12th grades, graduation programmes, and section-wise CAT scores. Relevant work experience, if any, is also taken into consideration throughout the selection process. In addition to being a selection criterion, the CAT score is also used to determine the minimum degree of skill that is anticipated of candidates in certain disciplines.
  • The IIMB uses a two-phase selection method. The first step of the process is used to identify who will be invited for a personal interview among all qualified candidates who take the CAT. Candidates who are chosen for the PI process will also be required to complete a Writing Ability Test (WAT) on a topic assigned by IIMB.
  • The panel will assess each candidate’s academic credentials, professional expertise, and other personal attributes throughout the interview. The WAT entry will be judged independently. In the second and final step, the WAT, interview, and pre-PI scores will be combined to choose the candidates for the programme.
  • The substance and presentation of the statement will be used to score each candidate’s performance on the Written Ability Test (WAT). The WAT will be based on the scores given by an independent evaluator, while the multi-factor score will be based on the average of the ratings given by the interviewers in the personal interview, depending on which admission will be made.

International Candidates:

  • Candidates that submit an application with a valid GMAT score will be processed through a different process. An applicant must have lived abroad for at least 18 months in the previous three years to be able to apply with a GMAT score. For overseas applicants, there will be two steps to the screening process. In the first round, an assessing panel will go over each application in depth, paying special attention to the candidates’ educational backgrounds, foreign experience, and GMAT scores. Q9H-KK-49 is the GMAT code for IIMB’s Post Graduate Program (PGP).
  • An external evaluator will assess each candidate’s performance on the WAT in terms of quality and presentation. The Personal Interview will be used by each interviewer to assess the candidate’s commitment and capacity to blend in and profit from the PGP. All candidates must submit two confidential letters of recommendation from their workplaces or lecturers at academic institutions or institutes of higher education where they studied before or at the time of the application for the programme. These letters of recommendation will also be used in the evaluation’s personal interview.
  • The assessing committee would evaluate the candidates’ overall performance after the PI and WAT in the second round and make a final offer. There will be no limit on the number of seats available to overseas candidates, nor will there be any waiting lists.

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

  • Short-listed candidates for IIT Delhi are chosen based on their CAT score, 12th-grade marks, work experience, gender diversity, and IIT/NIT graduation.
  • Candidates in their final year of a bachelor’s degree/equivalent qualification examination, as well as those who have completed degree requirements but are awaiting results, can apply on the condition of provisional submission of a certificate.
  • Short-listed candidates who have applied to IIT Delhi MBA programmes after passing the CAT 2021 Exam will be invited to an interview at IIT Delhi.
  • The website has a list of candidates who have been short-listed for interviews. Short-listed candidates received call letters for personal interviews via email.

2021 Placements

In the middle of the Covid pandemic, Leading MBA Colleges have maintained an impressive placement record. IIMs have been able to maintain a placement rate of 100 percent. When it comes to picking B-Schools, one of the most important elements to consider is the salary package. Aspirants are keen on college placement statistics, packages offered, and the number of recruiters who attend the drive. As of the 2021 MBA Placements, the packages offered and salaries garnered by many of the B-schools have risen. IIM Ahmedabad recorded the highest package of ₹ 55.88 Lakhs for the year 2021. As one of the most crucial aspects an MBA applicant looks for before accepting admission is the placement, every institution has worked extensively to develop a seamless bridge between students and recruiters to organise the virtual placement drive. In most IIMs and private institutions, the consultancy and BFSI industries dominated the placement push.

Important Factors to be Considered when Choosing the Best College

  • Along with the placements, students should lay a keen focus on the facilities offered by the institution in terms of infrastructural facilities, choice of employment prospects, international exchange programs etc.
  • Before applying to a college, candidates should check the eligibility requirements and proceed only if they qualify. Candidature will be cancelled if it doesn’t meet the eligibility requirements or in case of any discrepancies.
  • Aspirants need to check the diversity of specialisations available and introduction of the latest specialisations that are in demand.
  • Candidates should compare the cost of their desired management institution with other colleges, and they should not fall into any scam caused by third parties in terms of admission. The management will not take any responsibility in such cases.


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