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Verbal Reasoning- Concept And Terminology

Verbal Reasoning is a skill to understand and differentiate the Intelligence Quotient from the Emotional Quotient. As humans, one faces difficulty in making decisions and end up taking a partial stand towards what is close to the heart rather than what is ethically or morally correct.

Aspirants aiming to become managers and are preparing for the management exams must understand that managers of big companies read umpteen documents on a day-to-day basis and quickly grasp the important parts in each of them while filtering out the rest. This ability is tested in a student in the VR (Verbal Reasoning) questions in the CAT. Therefore, the reasoning section in most MBA entrance exams is given more importance.

In CAT, the Verbal Section includes Reading Comprehension and the questions will be of reasoning based, Summary Completion questions and Para Jumbles with reasoning questions.

Basic verbal Ability Terminologies:

The candidates must know these basic terms before we start solving any reasoning questions.

  • Premise

The premise is an assumption that something is true or is a statement or a paragraph in which an argument will incite or justify a conclusion. A reasoning question will be in the form of a paragraph. This paragraph in Verbal Reasoning is called the premise.

  • Argument

An argument requires two or more declarative sentences known as the premises along with another declarative sentence known as the conclusion.

  • Conclusion

A conclusion is an ending to the premise. There can be only one conclusion in a single argument. It is a statement in an argument that indicates what the author is trying to convey or prove to the reader. A concluding statement may typically contain concluding words like Finally, Hence, Therefore, As a result, Thus, In conclusion, etc.

  • Assumptions

An assumption is what one tries and understands and which best suits the premise to arrive at the conclusion. It builds the bridge between the premise and the conclusion.

It is suggested to practice several questions related to verbal reasoning be able to understand and conclude the sentences faster and more efficiently. Visit verbal ability for CAT to learn various important verbal topics easily. BYJU’S also provide several video lectures on various CAT topics to help the aspirants learn and prepare more effectively.