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Why India Needs More and Better Home-Grown MBA Talent

Are you currently pondering over your options for higher education, undecided between tech or management studies (leaning towards the management, basically)? Let us tell you why YOU could and in fact, should be an extraordinary addition to the Indian MBA talent pool and what your odds are at playing the hugely (and monetarily) rewarding MBA field.

Taking a look at the hard facts, 70 per cent of applications to MBA schools outside of the country belong to the international category, of which Indian and Chinese applicants form a major chunk. According to the latest reports, this chunk is only increasing in number. What this means is that India could be missing out on some genuine talent, which would otherwise be employed by the Indian workforce and benefit the Indian market.

Companies and recruiters need more MBA talent at the mid-level and execution level, lesser at the top levels. Therefore, there are heightened chances of being employed if the way you learn and build your skills at B-school is done such that there is a strategic application of theoretical concepts to real-time problems.

Consulting companies are the prevalent recruiters as of now. Deloitte, Cognizant, Infosys, Wipro and Accenture form the top 5 biggest recruiting firms for MBA graduates.

Economic Times also states that employability levels have increased from 33% in 2014 to 40% in 2016. “Government is focussed on employment generation which can be enabled through Make in India and Skill India. India must become the skill capital of the world,” the report quoted Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya as saying.

The real catch though is, according to another article published by ET, only about 7% of the total MBA graduates that B-schools churn out are employable. A clear example of this would be Gujarat Technological University MBA candidates, available for hire as low as ₹10000. It’s not only a disgrace to your “higher education” but a downright waste of time with no return on your investment.

So not only do we need more MBA talent, we need better and more employable candidates. “Employability” does not just include domain excellence but also other aspects like communication skills, logical and analytical ability, among others. Simply, you will be what you choose to become. Choose wisely.

And if by any chance, the arduous campaigning by a certain President-elect has you worried about the job prospective ebbing away, you can be assured that policy-making and a complete turnaround of the current scenario are far more time consuming and slower in comparison to the ever-changing business world.