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Why You Shouldn’t Go For An MBA?

While there are several reasons why one should pursue an MBA, there are certain points that are in contrast with it. Different people have different answers when they come across the question “Why and Why not MBA?”.

In this article, some of the top reasons to not do an MBA are explored in detail. Before opting for MBA, it is important to go through these points. Check these points, analyse them, and then apply for the CAT exam or other MBA entrance exams.

Is it Only about a Postgraduate Degree?

MBA is not a matter of getting a degree and adding a PG degree to your CV. An MBA degree allows you to gain an outlook in the field of a business that intrigues you the most and ace in that field. It is suggested to not join an MBA just to get a degree rather get expertise in a particular field. It is important to have realistic expectations and not any unrealistic ones.

The Cost

IIM graduates are generally offered high salaried jobs but getting into an IIM does not always guarantee to get a high-paying job. To get into the IIMs or similar other institutes, one needs to get a high CAT score or clear the entrance tests of the respective institutes. Not only that, only 2-3% of the students in the IIMs get high-paying job offers. But, these IIMs have a rigorous course structure that polishes the students to become the best managers and excel in their respective fields. If you are getting in an IIM to get just that high paying job, then it is suggested to rethink.

Following the Herd, Blindly?

There are many students who say “I am doing MBA because my friend says it going to add a star to my career”. Following the herd blindly is always a bad idea and it never pays off. If you want to succeed in your career- you need to find your passion and figure out the ways to achieve it. MBA or any course for that matter should be considered as more of a means to end rather than an end in itself.

These were the three main reasons that should be considered before joining any of the MBA courses. It is advised that all the reasons should be analyzed thoroughly and then a decision should be made. Aspirants who have made up their mind to do an MBA are suggested to prepare for the entrance exams, especially CAT to be able to join any of the top B-schools in the country.

The syllabus for most of the entrance tests are almost syllabus and so, by preparing for CAT, one can easily prepare for other exams simultaneously. Visit the syllabus for the CAT exam to check the latest syllabus and prepare accordingly.

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