4 Important Steps for GMAT Preparation

Planning to start your GMAT preparation and still confused how and when to begin? As we all are aware that the demands of gearing up for the GMAT exam can be astounding. But once you know how to kick-start your GMAT prep, then half the battle is won.

In this article, we will take you through every detail that you need to know for your GMAT test prep. Simultaneously, this post will also equip you to learn ways to make a study plan, focus on important concepts and work on areas which need improvement and take the GMAT exam with utmost confidence.

When Should You Start your GMAT Preparation?

at least five to six months prior to the B-schools applications deadline. This will give you roughly 2-3 months of time to create your study plan and prepare for the GMAT exam. Meanwhile, this also offers you an ample amount of time to share your official scorecard to the different MBA programs of your choice.

It is important that you maintain a gap between your GMAT exam date and the MBA applications deadline made by you so that you have a clear idea if you want to send your scores to the selected B-schools once the result is announced 20 days after you take the exam. To be on the safer side, it is advisable that you take up the GMAT exam at least seven to eight weeks before the application deadlines. This gives you a ray of hope just in case you haven’t fared well in the first attempt and are confident to perform well in the following attempt.

If you have prepared for the GMAT exam for at least three months, it is considered as an ideal time to keep your GMAT study timeline on track and undertake necessary steps to hone your shortcomings, revise the entire course content, take full-length practice tests and work on those areas which need improvement.

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Design a Custom GMAT Study Plan & Take a Diagnostic Test:

One of the primary steps towards your preparation for GMAT is having a study plan handy. This will keep you organized, capture your strengths and weaknesses, work out weaker areas and keep track of your progress and advancement in terms of your GMAT test prep. Apart from a study plan in place, you should also take a diagnostic test which is a full-length and timed computer adaptive practice test which resembles the actual test. Having done that, you get a fair idea where you stand in terms of your GMAT preparation time and gives a thorough insight into your expected target score. Besides, a diagnostic test will also help you to capture your weaknesses and you can work on weaker sections and focus on those areas which need more efforts. By doing this, you can tailor your study plan as per your needs and stay confident of scoring well in the main test.

4 Important Steps on How to Start GMAT Preparation from Scratch

Once your GMAT study schedule is ready, you need to devise methods for implementing four important steps for GMAT preparation: Let’s explore four important strategies on how to start your preparation from scratch:

#1. Understand The Exam Pattern

While prepping up for GMAT, try to get acquainted with the exam pattern. Although there are few things which might appear easy or simple, it is always advisable to stay informed about the latest updates so that you can avoid last-minute surprises in the examination centre. This also relieves you from undue stress and stay focused on your test rather than getting overwhelmed with new changes during the test day. Try to familiarize yourself with the different sections and understand how to answer them in a tactful manner during the examination.

#2. Closely Evaluate Your Strengths and Shortcomings

While taking a full-length and timed diagnostic test gives you a fair idea about the time you need to complete the practice test. This also helps you to capture your strengths and shortcomings. No doubt, strengths tend to boost your confidence to take the exam. Work upon your weaknesses and investigate which are the areas which need more effort and practice. In case you are weak in any particular section, try to set out some extra time to especially focus on that area. Organize your GMAT prep in such a structured way that you can devote sufficient time to drill down your weaknesses and with proper on-time practices, you’re able to achieve success in those areas.

#3. Brush Up Your Basic Skills

Once you have captured your shortcomings, it’s time you should review your fundamental skills. It is imperative for you to check if you are comfortable with your math or verbal skills. For instance, if you are a little concerned about your verbal abilities like reading comprehension passages and finding it hard to derive meaning out of it or rather feel nervous or bothered, we would recommend that you try to upskill your reading skills by reading the daily newspaper or business news related articles on a regular basis. By doing this, it not only improves your reading power but also boosts your speech and diction.

Likewise, try to review your quantitative reasoning skills by practising more mathematical problems like linear equations or geometry or business statistics. Remember once you have practised sufficiently, it is only then you are likely to overcome your exam fear and score high in the test.

#4: Structure Your Study Plan As Per Your Needs

Having captured your strengths and weaknesses, it is essential that you start working on designing a study plan which suits your requirements. Register with BYJU’s to get access to a personalised study plan designed by our GMAT experts and take simulated mock tests to test yourself where you stand in terms of your GMAT test prep. Focus on areas which you think needs more exertion and stick to the basics of your study plan and keep tracking your progress on a time-to-time basis.

Always remember to stay focused and organized with your GMAT test prep and score well in the test. You can enrol for the GMAT preparation online by downloading BYJU’S: The Learning App which offers App-based learning about the different sections of the GMAT course content. It has been extensively devised by our GMAT specialists which would definitely cater to the needs of your GMAT prep journey. You can reach our counsellors directly by calling at +918884544444 or even drop an SMS at this number. For additional assistance, you can drop us an email at gmat@byjus.com.

Good Luck with your GMAT preparation!