GMAT Quant: Vedic Maths Tips and Tricks

GMAT Quant Vedic Maths

For International MBA, GMAT is the only key to unlock the gates for world’s renowned B-schools. And the quant section in GMAT exam elevates your chances of acquiring more than a 700+ score. And to hit that GMAT 700+ score range you should at least score 50-51 in quant.

In 70 minutes, attempting 37 quant questions may shiver your backbone. Remember, quant is tricky not difficult. And to learn these tricks you must found a strong base for fundamentals of mathematics. Try to work more on concepts and grasp the most easiest method of solving the questions.

The most interesting observation revealed by the top b-schools is that mostly the Indian and Chinese are the students who have secured more than 700 GMAT score with a quant score ranging from 48-51 scores. And this is because the Indians and Chinese have witnessed the importance of Vedic maths. Since, GMAT test is fight against time and vedic maths is the proposed tool to learn the maths shortcuts and tricks.

One thing you must note down here GMAT is a computer adaptive test which sets its own difficulty level, there is no provision for negative marking for wrong answer, however, it impedes the difficulty level and it is a bit difficult to retain the same pace. Therefore, it is advisable to students categorise the questions based on the difficulty level during their practice sessions and prepare themselves to solve high level questions.

A noticing fact for aspirants is that the first 10-12 questions in the GMAT test are very crucial. They set the difficulty parameter of the test, you must be very cautious while solving those. Your focus is not only getting the correct answer but have to maintain an effective speed during the calculations. And Vedic maths you can beat the heat of Quant in GMAT.

A Few Tips to Speed up Mental Calculations

  • Learn multiplication tables up to 35.
  • Learn Vedic Maths tricks for techniques of multiplication, division, finding square, square root, cube and cube root.
  • Learn the square, square root, cube and cube root for numbers up to 40.
  • Avoid using a calculator and do day-to-day calculations mentally.

Adapt the Following GMAT Quant Solving Tips

Be Sharp: Read the questions carefully and quickly and take the all options into your account. Note down the points and make according assumptions accordingly. Don’t trap yourself in false assumptions.

Include Short Cuts: The quant section is highly comprehensive, it is advisable to include shortcuts for solving the questions with the help of vedic maths tricks.

Learn and Remember Formulas: For quick solving the questions it is essential to learn and remember the formulae for the specific questions asked from the areas and perimeters of various shapes, rate of work and speed formulae, and mixture formulae.

Avoid Conversion Tables: If a question involves two different units such as cm. and m., the question itself will provide you with the conversion formula, if required.

Persevere and Practice: Practice is your best friend when it comes to GMAT quant section. It should not confined to practice, you must retain all the methods and the tricks involved in solving.

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