How to Prepare for GMAT in 8 Weeks?

Appearing for GMAT test with preparation of eight weeks, akin to a crash course. The forethought of confronting this test demands scheduled planning, strategies to secure 710 GMAT score. These are the two most important constraints that one should take into consideration before writing down the GMAT test. Here we have the eight-week GMAT preparation strategies.
How to prepare for GMAT in 8 Weeks?

Week 1: Start With a Mock Test

Start the GMAT preparation with the available free mock test. This will enable you to ascertain yourself where you stand. Frankly, the test result acts as a mirror it helps you in identifying the strong and weak nerves in the particular subjects. And thus it makes you familiar with the question patterns and how to answer those promptly. For a better preparation, maintain the notes of the weak areas which are challenging and demanding concentrated study hours.

It is advisable to register for the GMAT test and book the test slot before buckling up for preparation. Psychologically, it will motivate you to study hard and accordingly you can craft your time table. Ideally, to hit the GMAT with 700+ scores dedicate two hours of regular study.

Week 2: Learn, Memorize and Practice Shortcuts

GMAT is a time game and the best way to hit the target of 700+ GMAT score is with proper implication of strategic shortcut tricks for solving comprehensive questions. In your practice session, involve questions from each sections of the exam contents: AWA, Quantitative Aptitude, Integrated Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. After grasping the knot of basics for solving the questions, implement the strategic shortcuts for easy solving. If you get stuck at some point while solving, note it down and try to understand the logic behind the correct solution.

Week 3: Time for Second Mock Test

Schedule your second mock test. You should focus on making your fluency with the material and imply the methods you have yielded to solve the different question types. On the basis of the test result, you can estimate your performance whether you’re well versed for taking the GMAT test. Or else you want assistance from others like qualified GMAT candidates or you can register yourself for online study groups or can install Byju’s-The learning App, a tab based GMAT study material provider. Once you have made your decision, adjust your schedule accordingly and stick to it.

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Week 4: Increase Learning Pace

This is the week where you have to focus on your approaches towards solving more challenging and experimental questions. You have to increase your pace and be more specific while solving the experimental questions. For instance, if you have gained expertise in identifying errors in sentence correction, then you must begin to solve high order thinking ability questions from the areas like data sufficiency and integrated reasoning.

Week 5: Third Mock Test

After the second mock test and one-week brainstorming study session, it’s the time to take the third practice test. As you have confronted various questions from every section of the exam, this mock test will help you in determining the actual performance of yours. It will help you in developing your stamina and further test-taking abilities. Increase your question-solving speed. Try to maximise the number of questions attempted correctly from distinct sections within the allotted time. GMAT test doesn’t impose the penalty for the wrong answer yet you’ll be penalizing if the candidate is not attempting all the questions within the allocated time.

Week 6: Attempt Lengthy Questions

It’s the time for real action. You can experience the differences between your earlier mock test score and current. Along with good score you’re attempting more questions now as compared to previous mock tests. Therefore, keep practicing more and more questions from the official GMAT guide. And analyze your performance, focus more on experimental questions, and keep attempting the lengthy questions with proper techniques within the limited time.

Week 7: Analysis your Performance

This is the week to give the final touch up to your preparation. Sit for your final mock test. Pretend that you’re taking GMAT test. As you have only fifteen days in your hands, compare your previous score with your current score. Figure out the questions you have to fight while solving and practice as many questions from the same pattern.

Week 8: Don’t Stress

Go slow and ease with this week. Don’t take so much stress. On the day of exam, rejoice yourself and be calm! You have to fight the long 3.5 long hours of the GMAT test. Celebrate the next day after the test date. Relax! But don’t be lazy, now time to plan your next move in the MBA application process. Try to give mock interview test. This will help in confidence building and make your presence more vital.

One thing you should note down here, it is standardized 8 weeks strategy study plan common for all. However, it varies from person to person depending upon the GMAT score they are securing in mock tests.

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