Why the GMAT When I Am Successful at Work?

The GMAT exam is usually attempted by individuals who are aspiring to pursue their MBA overseas. It is used as one of the measures to admit candidates by most of the top B-schools in the world. The admissions committee of these universities generally prefer to admit candidates who are experienced since they believe such candidates are more proficient at adapting to the demanding schedules of the MBA program.

When you are working, it is common to assume that since you are already doing well at work and are earning a satisfactory salary, there is no necessity to go for an MBA or attempt the GMAT exam. However this is not true, since the GMAT gives you the opportunity to study at some of the best B-schools in the world and to improve your knowledge vastly. On completing your MBA you will have the chance to not only raise your earning capacity but also the option to upgrade yourself. You will develop all essential skills to become an efficient and competent manager. In the following passages we list out some of the compelling reasons to pursue your MBA degree even if you already have an excellent job.

There are many benefits which you will receive if you opt to do an MBA post your GMAT exam. The first and foremost being – you will be able to switch your field to some other discipline which you are interested in. In the event that you are working in a field that you are not fond of, then pursuing an MBA will help you make the switch to a career in the area that you like. There are a wide variety of fields for you to choose from like – Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations, Strategy etc. Once you graduate from these programs you automatically tend to get job offers from some of the top firms in the world. These offers will help you reach the top or mid level management positions within the company. This would otherwise have taken you several years to reach if you did not have the coveted MBA tag on your profile. An MBA equips you with the requisite knowledge and develop key competencies like – Leadership, Marketing, Decision Making, Communication skills, Managing a team, Handling Finances etc. There are many attributes of a successful manager which is acquired over the course of study and can’t be found among freshers. Some of them are – Checking your company’s position in the market and understanding how well it is faring, Hiring the right set of people for various positions in the company, Making critical decisions.

You will not face any hindrances with your career growth or issues like stagnation when you have your MBA degree. There will be significant progress with your career and you will receive recognition and accolades when you contribute to your job. Most of the organizations understand the value of an MBA candidate and the skills which he will possess to help the company progress are invaluable. Since most MBA grads already have relevant experience they also tend to be more mature and have the prowess to handle such high profile jobs with ease.

In addition to the above you will also gain innumerable contacts and be able to expand your network to a great extent. This does not mean just adding names on your Linkedin or Phone directory. You will genuinely have a chance to meet and interact with alumni from your university. They in turn will be able to assist you about various job openings or internships available. Thus helping you to secure a job at a company which you would like to work with.

An MBA degree from the top universities allows you to study and learn from some of the best professors in those particular fields. You can reach out to them in case you would like to learn more about the subject or would want to clarify any of your doubts. You can even have a mentor throughout the course of your program to help you with any subject related queries.

Not only does an MBA give you jobs with very high pay packages, in certain cases the candidates also go on to establish their own businesses. There are many entrepreneurs who have flourished after completing their MBA degree. The MBA teaches you many essential qualities which you will practically experience when you set your own business. It enables you to build a venture from scratch with all the necessary life skills required for the same. You will be aware of all the technical expertise which is vital to keep the business adrift.

If you are still not convinced and would not like to give up your job to pursue an MBA, then there are certain tailor made programs like – long distance MBA courses or executive MBA programs designed just for working professionals. These courses provide you with the much needed flexibility to pursue your MBA program while keeping your job. You can attend classes online or during the weekend to complete your degree.

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