What is a Good GRE Score?

Good GRE score

The GRE scores play a vital role in the application process for seeking admission in graduate or business schools. If you are taking the test, you’ll probably wonder what is a good score for it. Lets reiterate, the maximum score that can be scored is 340 marks. However, the definition of a good score varies for each university that you’re targeting. For eg, the average score of an applicant into Harvard and Stanford universities in 326. While the average score for entry into Texas or Carnegie Mellon University is 320. Therefore it is clear that the consideration of a good score depends upon the choice of university. In this post, we have articulated a distinguished study of ‘What is a good GRE score?’ and ‘What is a great GRE score?

GRE General Test Score Pattern

First understand the scoring system of the test. There are three sections in the test, they are:

  • Analytical Writing
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning

The Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning sections are each scored between 130-170 marks with 1 point increment for every correct question. The GRE Analytical Writing section is scored between 0-6 marks, with half point increment. The overall GRE score is the sum of Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning sections and is displayed on your screen after completing the test. However both section scores are usually reported separately. This is because most universities prefer to receive each section’s score individually so they would be able to evaluate easily with regards to the program you are applying for. The Analytical Writing section score is available separately after 7-15 days of the exam.

Scoring Percentiles

In the table below, we take a look at the percentiles that a candidate will probably rank for the marks he/she has scored.

The absolute values differ for every percentile for different programs. But drawing up an average, the scores should look something like this:

GRE scores

Now if we are to consider a range, 160 in each section guarantees a safe score. And this is the score that should be your aim. Higher the score, better the result!

Good GRE General Test Score

Straight off the bat, it is obvious that getting 130 marks in Verbal or Quantitative section is a poor score. An average score is anywhere between 149-153 marks in each section according to ETS. In Verbal section, you may rank anywhere between 43rd to 61st percentile if you score average marks. In Quantitative section, you may rank anywhere between 35th to 51st percentile for the same marks.

What we can understand is that, scoring higher in Quantitative section doesn’t necessarily mean you have a great percentile when compared to the Verbal section. So we break down both the sections separately to analyze what would be a good score.

For the Verbal section, scoring between 159-162 will put your percentiles in the 80s. This is a really good score for the Verbal section, especially as the Indians usually struggle here.

For the Quant section, scoring between 162-165 will place you in the 80s percentile.

The score of 4.5 in the Analytical Writing section is a decent score.

This gives the candidate a total between 316-327 marks which is good enough for many colleges around the world. A candidate aiming to get admitted into some of the Ivy league schools probably won’t consider this a top score. But this is a really good score, which is sufficient to get admission into many other top graduate and business schools.

Great GRE Score

Scoring a maximum of 170 marks in Verbal and 170 marks in Quant, making a total of 340 marks is the best score one can get. This is not a very common occurrence for the GRE exam, but is definitely doable with the right amount of preparation and motivation.

Scoring between 163-170 in Verbal section places you in the 90s percentile. Scoring between 166-170 in Quant gets you the same milestone.

The score of 5.5- 6 is attainable in the Analytical Writing section if you’re able to articulate your points in a concise manner.

Taking a look at the scores for various programs, safe scores look something like this:


GRE scores

Computer and Information Sciences:

GRE scores

Arts and Humanities:

GRE scores

Life Sciences:

GRE scores

Physical Sciences:

GRE scores

Social Sciences:

GRE scores


GRE scores

Business Studies:

GRE scores


Although having a good GRE score is beneficial your admission into universities depend on various other factors as well. Some of them are – an excellent GPA in your graduate studies, an attractive Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letters of Recommendations (LOR). It is therefore important to strategize a good study plan for the GRE test, Since finally it is the GRE score which contributes significantly in your application getting selected at the university of your preference.

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