GRE Practice Tests for First Timers and Reappearing Test Takers

Solving random questions can become repetitive after a while, especially if you have gone through the entire syllabus more than once. Practice tests can provide you a way to break free from this monotonous routine. All that you learn is put to test in a practice test. It is the best way to test your capabilities in an exam scenario, as it allows you to test your grip over important concepts related to different sections simultaneously.

There are a lot of mock tests that are provided for free on various platforms. ETS Powerprep II software is completely free. It offers two complete section-adaptive, timed GRE tests, as well as some untimed practice sections to help you get acclimated to the format and feel of taking a computer-based test. ETS Powerprep practice test is the absolute closest to the real GRE experience you can get.

Check out the free online GRE mock test provided by BYJU’S. It will help you to analyze your performance in each section, through diagnostics provided after each test. BYJU’S diagnostic toolkit provides an accurate and in-depth analysis of your practice test, which can be extremely helpful to find out your strengths and weaknesses. It will allow you to work upon your weak areas while still improving on your areas of strength.

There are different kinds of students who appear for GRE every year. Practice tests can help them all differently. Let’s have a look at the impact practice tests have during different stages of preparation:-

First-Time Test Takers

Usually, first-timers have very little to no idea about the GRE exam. For you, it is the most beneficial to take a practice test in the initial stages of your preparation. Doing so will allow you to find out your weaknesses then you can give special attention to improve upon your weak areas. Once you build a strong foundation, start giving back to back practice tests in order to keep a track of the level of preparation. Whenever a new question comes across, ensure that you make note of it.

For experienced candidates, who are giving the GRE exam for the first time, it can be difficult as they have been away from studies for so long. It is very important to build a strong base. They must practice questions related to each topic thoroughly, in order to get back in touch with the subjects asked in the GRE. After laying a strong foundation they can give practice tests, so as to keep a check on their progress. Giving the test in an exam like environment can help them immensely in getting their confidence back.

Reappearing Test Takers

Reappearing test takers are generally well versed with the gre exam pattern and syllabus. They can give practice tests by simply brushing up their existing knowledge. Diagnosis of their performance can help them to know more about their shortcomings. They can make note of these faults and work towards not repeating the same mistakes again.

For experienced professionals, who are re-appearing for GRE, it is very important to be patient. The experience that you are accumulating will only reflect positively on your resume. You must give the practice tests in order to find out the faulty areas and then keep on working to get rid of those faults. Keep on practicing and the results will come slowly but surely.

The practice tests can be really helpful for your preparation. But, the key is not to be affected by your bad performance in the test. Take the setbacks positively as the mistakes will only help you to get better. Practice more to ensure that you do not commit the same mistakes again. It is equally important to not become overconfident when you score good marks in mock tests. The sole aim of giving mock tests is to get better. So, do not let good performances affect your learning curve. Work on the smallest of details to ensure that nothing stops you from scoring good marks on the day of the exam.

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