Is It Really Necessary To Go For Coaching To Crack The GRE?


The structure of the computer-based GRE test consists of six sections. The first section is analytical writing and the next five sections contain two quantitative reasoning, two verbal reasoning and finally a research section.

Let’s just face it. Not many people have the grit to study regularly for the GRE, let alone diligently. Unless you are determined, it’s easy to skim or skip subject topics you reckon are less important. There are ample resources available for prepping such as apps, books, and online study materials. However, professional guidance helps to fill up knowledge holes that cost you heavily in the GRE.

A formal coaching study facilitates adherence to prep plans. Being in constant touch with the tutor also helps to resolve doubts that otherwise clutter your mind.’In addition, a great coach can put you in touch with many who have gone before – people who scored exceptionally well on the GRE. Frequent mock tests and peer pressure is worthwhile too!

Hence, it all boils down to picking a right coaching center and here are the factors you would want to consider-

  • Public Opinion-
  • Always check out the reviews posted by previous learners. If a majority of the learners have posted positive reviews about the GRE coaching institute or tutor, then go for it. A word of caution here, there are maybe intermediary reviews so check the genuineness of the reviews.

  • Trainer Qualification-
  • Do the fact check. Make sure that your GRE tutor is qualified enough to teach you every GRE section. Also, inquire’about the lesson plans the institute offers for your course.

These days, GRE coaching centers are available in almost all the cities and towns. Coaching classes follow classroom teaching method which is the most popular and preferred way of prepping for any test. One of the best advantages of coaching is the interaction with groups of people having a similar goal which in turn triggers a competitive yet sportive mindset.

But, if you still feel reluctant to step out and learn, we have got you covered.

At Byjus, GRE prep is a careful blend of virtual and one-to-one preparatory classes. The tablet course comes with a toolkit that tracks your daily progress and performance. What more? The tablet course also offers a study plan according to your learning capabilities and schedule, and a review session over a period of time. Too good to be true? Well, it doesn’t stop there! Byju’s further gives you the luxury of picking your mode of study. Live classes through webinars or offline lectures along with 1000+ questions with video solutions.

That said, every person is different and so is the preferred mode of study. If you’re self-driven and grasp new things fast, then you should be fine with the self-study option. On the other hand, coaching classes definitely give you an edge over others for certain demanding subjects as the classes have tried-and-tested tools of teaching. Finally, be it self-study or coaching classes, good time management’coupled with a good study plan is the key to an excellent score in the GRE.