10 Common Mistakes Students Should Avoid in Class 12 Physics Board Exam

As per the date sheet released by the Central Board of Secondary Education, the Class 12, 2018 Physics board examination will be held on March 7th. Having a few hours to revise for the Physics exam as the exam falls the immediate day after the English exam, the students should be well-prepared beforehand to ace this board exam.

Here are a few common mistakes that a student appearing for the Class 12 Physics board exam should avoid given directly by an experienced Board examiner. He pointed out the silly errors that students make in their physics paper which opens a door for Board examiners to deduct their marks. Most of these errors have nothing to do with the student’s knowledge of the subject and can be easily avoided.

Common Mistakes To Be Avoided:

  1. The answers should be in accordance with the marks allotted. For example, a question of 2 marks should not be answered in a whole page. Students should stick to the important points to gain full marks in the question. This will also help to have sufficient time to complete the paper.
  2. Sometimes, even good students forget to write down the formula when working on numerical. Students should note that few marks are allotted for the formula and this will result in not scoring the full mark for the numerical.
  3. Students should learn the formula thoroughly to avoid confusion in the examination. Often students get confused and flip the numerator and denominator in the formulae. This results in the entire numerical to be incorrect and no marks are awarded for the answer.
  4. A common mistake students make in Class 12 CBSE Physics Board exam is in the formula of parallel resistors
    Make note:
    \(\begin{array}{l}\frac{1}{R_{total}}=\frac{1}{R_{1}}+\frac{1}{R_{2}}+…..+\frac{1}{R_{n}}\end{array} \)
    is the formula while students often write
    \(\begin{array}{l}R_{total}=\frac{1}{R_{1}}+\frac{1}{R_{2}}+…..+\frac{1}{R_{n}}\end{array} \)
  5. For value-based questions where two marks are allotted to the question, students often tend to write a single sentence for the answer but a minimum of 3-4 lines are required to score full marks in these questions.
  6. For diagram questions, it is a must that students label the diagram. To make the paper more presentable, students should mark these labels in a pencil or with a different colour pen.
  7. 1 mark questions that ask for “Yes” or “No” answers should be written along with its reason to achieve full marks in this question. ½ mark is allotted for each part.
  8. In the class 12 physics Board exam, most of the questions have parts in it. Each part is allotted a specific mark and often students overlook these small parts asked and results in losing marks in the question either ½ a mark or 3 marks for the same.
  9. Students should avoid making question mistakes for the answer they are writing. Marks will not be allotted for incorrect question numbers.
  10. When a student wants to rewrite a certain question that has already been answered, they MUST make sure that the incorrect answer is struck out. If a student fails to strike out the incorrect answer, as per the CBSE guidelines, the examiner will take the first attempt as the answer to the question and ignore the second.

These points mentioned above will help students to be more conscious while writing their upcoming Physics Board Exam to avoid losing marks by silly mistakes.

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