Important Physics Numericals


Physics deals with the natural science of the study of matter, natural motion and its behaviour through space and time. It explains the fundamental mechanisms of other sciences. To understand the subject, you should be well-versed with the important concepts and formulae related to the subject. Physics numericals plays an important role while understanding the concepts in physics. Each and every physics law, equation and formula have different aspects which can only be understood by solving as many physics problems as possible. Some general rules while solving the physics numericals are:

  1. We should have the same set of units for all variables in the numerical
  2. If the correct diagram of a problem is drawn, it helps to understand the scenario of the numerical easily
  3. The dimensions of the analytical expressions should always be correct.

Here at BYJU’S, we bring you the complete set of important physics numericals from class 6 to class 11 which the students can use to practice and prepare for their examination.

Physics Numericals for Class 6 Physics Numericals for Class 7 Physics Numericals for Class 8
Physics Numericals for Class 9 Physics Numericals for Class 10 Physics Numericals for Class 11


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