Statistical Mechanics

Statistical mechanics is the branch of theory of physics studying the use of probability theory and also the Average or mean behaviour of an mechanical system wherein the state of the system is said to be uncertain.

The commonly use of this mechanics is is in the thermodynamic accomplishment of large systems. The statistical thermodynamics or the statistical mechanics are the branches of statistical mechanics.

The advantage of using this mechanics is to provide exact methods of connecting the thermodynamic quantities to the microscopic behaviour. The statistical form of mechanics also makes possible in extending the laws of thermodynamics with few or some degrees of freedom.

Statistical Thermodynamics:

The statistical thermodynamics helps in derivation of the classical thermodynamics of various materials coming in terms of property of the constituent particles and also interaction between them. In simple ways, statistical thermodynamics gives an connection between macroscopic properties of the materials coming in thermodynamic equilibrium and also the microscopic behaviour as well as the motions that occurs inside the material. Whereas the statistical mechanics involves dynamics and is mainly focused on the statistical equilibrium.


There are a various physical phenomenon of interest which involves quasi-thermodynamic processes of equilibrium, here are some of the examples

  • The transport of heat by internal motions within a material, is driven by an imbalance in the temperature.
  • The Electric currents that are carried by motion of the charges in an conductor, is well driven by imbalance in the voltage.
  • A Spontaneous chemical reaction is driven by the decrease in the free energy.
  • Friction, quantum decoherence & dissipation.
  • Systems that are being pumped by the external forces.
  • In general, an Irreversible process

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Practise This Question

The above spring block system does Linear SHM. It takes the block 10 sec to move from the mean position to extreme position that is 5m away. Which of the given options are correct?