Unit of Inductance

Inductance property is found in most of the electric coils, where an induced emf is generated in a coil when there is a change in flux. In simple terms, this is known as the induction effect. However, talking about the measure of this property, various units are used. We will look at some common units of inductance below.

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SI Unit of Inductance

The SI unit of inductance is Henry abbreviated as ‘H’.

  • It is defined as the measure of electric current changes at one ampere per second, resulting in an electromotive force of one volt across the inductor. Henry is a derived unit based on some 7 base SI units like metre (m), second (s), kilogram (kg), and ampere (A). It is expressed as;
  • Here, additional derived units like farad (F), coulomb (C), joule (J), Tesla (T), volt (V), Hertz (Hz), Weber (Wb), and ohm (ฮฉ) also occur.

Other Inductance Units

Typically, Henry is a big unit of inductance and is used less frequently.

  • Other smaller units like millihenry (mH) or micro-Henry are also used to especially measure radio frequency and audio-frequency range.
  • Sometimes, the nano-henry unit is also used for a very high-frequency range. Henry is basically used to measure high voltage.

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