Uses of Inductor

Uses of Inductor

What is Inductor?

An inductor is defined as a passive component that is used in most electrical circuits to store energy in the form of magnetic energy when electric current flows through it. It is also known as the coil, choke, or reactor. It is a two-terminal electrical component that is characterized by its inductance. Inductance is defined as the ratio of the voltage to the rate of change of current. The SI unit of inductance is Henry which is named after Joseph Henry who was an American scientist.

Applications of inductors can be seen in the following

  • Tuning circuits
  • Sensors
  • Store energy in a device
  • Induction motors
  • Transformers
  • Filters
  • Chokes
  • Ferrite beads
  • Inductors used as relays

Inductors have various uses in electrical transmissions based on their requirements.

Inductors are used in tuning circuits

With the help of inductors, the tuning circuits can select the desired frequency. The capacitors type along with the inductor are used in various electronic devices such as radio tuning circuits, a television in order to modify the frequency and help to select within multiple channels of frequency.

These are used as sensors

The inductive proximity sensors are very reliable in operation and is a contactless sensor. Inductance is the main principle behind it in which the magnetic field in the coil will oppose the flow of electric current. The proximity sensors mechanism is used in traffic lights to detect traffic density.

It is also used to store energy in a device

Inductors can store energy for a small period of time because the energy which is being stored as a magnetic field will be gone when the power supply is removed. Uses of inductors can be seen in computer circuits where power supplies can be switched.

Inductors are used in induction motors

In induction motors, the shaft in the motor will rotate due to the presence of the magnetic field produced due to alternating current. The speed of the motor can be fixed according to the frequency of the supply of power from the source. The use of inductors into the motor’s speed can be controlled.

It is used as transformers

A combination of multiple inductors with a shared magnetic field can be designed into a transformer. One of the major uses of transformer can be seen in power transmission systems. These are used in decreasing or increasing the power transmission as step down or step-up transformers.

Inductors are used as filters

Inductors when combined with capacitors will be used as filters. The input signal’s frequency while entering the circuit is limited by the use of these filters. With the increase in the frequency of supply, the inductor’s impedance increases.

Uses of inductors in chokes

As we are aware that when AC current flows through inductors, it will create a current flow in the opposite direction. This results in the inductor choking the AC current flow and passing the DC current. This mechanism is used in the power source where the AC supply is converted into DC.

It is used as ferrite beads

We have seen ferrite beads used in computer parts and in charging cables of mobile. Inductors used in ferrite beads helps in reducing the frequency of radio interface which the cable creates.

These are used as relays

Relay behaves as an electrical switch. With the use of an inductor coil in the switch, there is a magnetic field produced wherever the switch comes in contact with the flow of AC current.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is an inductor?

An inductor is defined as a passive component that is used in most electrical circuits to store energy in the form of magnetic energy when electric current flows through it, It is also known as the coil, choke, or reactor.

What is a capacitor?

A capacitor is defined as the passive component which is used for storing the electrical energy. A capacitor is made of two conductors that are separated by the dielectric material. These dielectric materials are in the form of plates which can accumulate charges. One plate is for a positive charge while the other is for a negative charge.

What is inductance?.

Inductance is the tendency of an electrical conductor to oppose a change in the electric current flowing through it. L is used to represent the inductance, and Henry is the SI unit of inductance.

What is self inductance?

When there is a change in the current or magnetic flux of the coil, an electromotive force is induced. This phenomenon is termed Self Inductance.

What is a choke?

A choke is a type of inductor that is used mainly for blocking high-frequency alternating current (AC) in an electrical circuit. On the other hand, it will allow DC or low-frequency signals to pass. As the function of this inductor is to restrict the changes in current it is called a choke.

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