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Uses Of Transformer

Uses Of Transformer

Transformers are used to transfer current from one circuit to another without any physical contact between them and without changing the frequency or phase. There are various uses of transformer depending on the type. Some of the most common applications are mentioned below.

According to the necessity, transformers are classified into:

  • Power Transformers
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Measurement Transformers
  • Indoor Transformers
  • Outdoor Transformers

Applications and uses of Transformers

According to the necessity, transformers are classified into:

Power Transformers: These kinds of transformers are used for high voltage power transfer applications (more than 33 KV). They are usually bigger in size and can occupy larger space.

Distribution Transformers: These type of transformers are used to distribute the generated power to distant locations. It is used for distributing electricity at low voltage that is less than 33 KV in industry or 220-440 V for household purposes.

Measurement Transformers: This kind of uses of transformer helps in measuring voltage, current, and power, etc.

According to the place of use, transformers are classified into:

Indoor Transformers: These are covered with roofs and shelters just like the industry types.

Outdoor Transformers: These are mainly kept outside and are used as distribution type transformers.

While performing a manufacturing process, chemical engineering like electrolysis and electroplating is usually fueled by a regulated flow of current which is supplied with the help of a transformer. The current flow can be regulated according to the reaction.

During steel manufacturing process, high currents are required for melting and welding of steel and lower currents are required for cooling. Transformers provide a well regulated current during all these processes.

Transformers are also used for battery charging process. The voltage has to be controlled properly for not causing any damage to internal battery components which can be done only with the help of a transformer.

The presence of a transformer in a circuit breaker can help in starting and stopping the flow of current with the help of a switch and hence, protect from any damage due to a high voltage current.

One of the major uses of Transformers is for controlling the power of alternating current which helps in increasing efficiency and ultimately lowering the electricity bills.

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