Uses Of Transistor

Uses Of Transistor

In our modern society, extensive use of electricity has enabled various uses of transistors in every electronic circuit. Transistors are used in our day to day lives in many forms which we are aware of as amplifiers and switching apparatus. As amplifiers, they are being used in various oscillators, modulators, detectors and nearly in any circuit in order to perform a function.

In a digital circuit, transistors are used as switches. According to various functionality, there are transistors of different types such as for functioning in low and high frequencies, there are low, medium and high power transistors.

Various Applications and Uses of Transistor

  • The core use of transistors include switching applications or both as amplification and switching.
  • There is a kind of transistors which produce current flow depending on the amount of light shined upon them, those are known as phototransistors.
  • Bipolar Junction Transistors(BJT) can cause a greater current flow from the emitter to collector when a small amount of current is passed through the base.
  • Field Effect Transistors acts as voltage controlled devices. Field Effect Transistors (FETs) have very high input impedance and it helps to run very little current through them. This is helpful for not causing the power source to load down as they are not disturbing the original circuit power elements on which they are connected to. FETs are cheaper and easier to manufacture and cause less loading.
  • Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors (HBT) can provide faster switching speeds and is used in analog and digital microwave applications. They are priceless to fabricate and can provide better lithographic yield. They are used in mobile and laser drivers as power amplifiers.
  • Darlington Transistors has much higher ability to gain current. Because of its sensitivity, it can pick currents from human skin and that is why it is used in creating a touch-sensitive button.
  • Schottky Transistors diverts high input currents and prevents the transistors from saturating.
  • Multiple Emitter Transistors are used in Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL) and NAND logic gates.
  • Dual Gate MOSFETs are used in RF mixers/multipliers, RF amplifiers where two controlled gates are required in a series.
  • Avalanche Transistors has the capability of switching high currents in less than nanosecond transition times.

Thus, these are the various uses of transistors. Know more about transistors by downloading BYJU’s Learning App.

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