Types of Transistors

Types of Transistors

A transistor is made of semiconductor and there are various types of transistors depending on their characteristics and has their advantages and disadvantages.

Some types of transistors are listed below:

  • Bipolar Junction Transistor
  • Diffusion Transistor
  • Avalanche Transistor
  • Schottky Transistor
  • Darlington Transistor
  • Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor
  • Field Effect Transistor
  • Junction FET Transistor
  • Dual Gate MOSFET
  • Multiple-Emitter Transistor

Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT)

These are current-controlled devices and are of two types NPN and PNP. In NPN, the majority of the current is carried by electrons. In PNP, the majority of the current is carried by holes.

Diffusion Transistor

These are one type of BJT and is formed by diffusion of dopants into a semiconductor substrate. For example, Philco’s micro-alloy diffused transistor.

Avalanche Transistor

It is one kind of Bipolar Junction Transistor which process the region of collector-current/collector-to-emitter voltage and which is beyond the voltage of the breakdown of collector-to-emitter also called avalanche breakdown voltage. The operation here is called avalanche-mode operations which is, it switches between high currents in less than nanoseconds.

Schottky Transistor

When a transistor is combined with a Schottky diode, it is called Schottky transistor. Introducing that type of diode prevents the transistors from saturating by the diversion of extreme input current.

Darlington Transistor

It is a transistor circuit made from two different transistors. It has a higher ability to gain current. Its circuit can be inside an integrated circuit also.

Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HBT)

These types of transistors are used in analog or digital microwaves with higher frequency. It provides faster switching speeds and provides better lithographic yield. They present better emitter injection efficiency.

Field Effect Transistor (FET)

These are voltage controlled and have high input impedance which causes little current to pass through them. They are unable to provide the same type amplification as BJTs.

Junction FET Transistor

This type of FET transistors has no PN junctions but a majority of current flows through two electrical connections at either end called the Drain and Source respectively. These are of two types N-channel and P-channel.

Dual Gate MOSFET

It operates as two MOSFET devices in series. There are two gates which is made-up along the length of the channel. Both gates affect the general MOSFET operation and the output.

Multiple-Emitter Transistor

Here, the emitters are applied with input signals. It can reduce switching time and power dissipation.

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