Uses of Optical Fibre

Uses of Optical Fibre

We know that optical fibre is thin strands of glass and the core use of optical fibre includes the transmission of information in the form of light. The use of optical fibres has genuinely proved to be beneficial compared to the traditional use of metallic wires.

The application and uses of optical fibre can be seen in:

  • Medical Industry
  • Communication
  • Defence
  • Industries
  • Broadcasting
  • Lighting and Decorations
  • Mechanical Inspections

The application of optical fibres in various fields is given below:

Optical Fibres uses in Medical industry

Because of its extremely thin and flexible nature, it is used in various instruments to view internal body parts by inserting into hollow spaces in the body. It is used as lasers during surgeries, endoscopy, microscopy and biomedical research.

Optical Fibres used in Communication

In the communication system, telecommunication has major uses of optical fibre cables for transmitting and receiving purposes. It is used in various networking fields and even increases the speed and accuracy of the transmission data. Compared to copper wires, fibre optics cables are lighter, more flexible and carry more data.

Optical Fibres used in Defence Purpose

Fibre optics are used for data transmission in high-level data security fields of military and aerospace applications. These are used in wirings in aircraft, hydrophones for SONARs and Seismics applications.

Optical Fibres are used in Industries

These fibres are used for imaging in hard-to-reach places such as they are used for safety measures and lighting purposes in automobiles both in the interior and exterior. They transmit information at lightning speed and are used in airbags and traction control. They are also used for research and testing purposes in industries.

Optical Fibres used for Broadcasting

These cables are used to transmit high-definition television signals which have greater bandwidth and speed. Optical Fibre is cheaper compared to the same quantity of copper wires. Broadcasting companies use optical fibres for wiring HDTV, CATV, video-on-demand and many applications.

Uses of Optical Fibre for Lightening and Decorations

By now, we got a fair idea of what is optical fibre and it also gives an attractive, economical and easy way to illuminate the area and that is why it is widely used in decorations and Christmas trees.

Optical Fibres used in Mechanical Inspections

On-site inspection engineers use optical fibres to detect damages and faults which are at hard-to-reach places. Even plumbers use optical fibres for the inspection of pipes.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


What is optical fibre?

Optical fibre is made up of thin strands of glass used to transmit information and data in the form of light.

Which are the fields that utilise optical fibre?

Lighting and decorations, communication, medical industry, broadcasting, defence, and mechanical industries extensively utilise optical fibre.

What are the uses of optical fibre in broadcasting?

Optical fibre cables are employed to transmit television signals which have greater speed and bandwidth. Optical fibre is much cheaper than the same-size copper wires.

What are the uses of optical fibre in the medical industry?

Optical fibre is extremely flexible and thin. Therefore, they are used for biomedical research, endoscopy and microscopy. It is used to view internal organs by inserting the cable into the body.

What is the main advantage of optical fibre over conventional copper cables?

Optical fibre has more bandwidth than conventional copper cables. They can reach speeds beyond 10 Gbps. Therefore, optical fibre can carry much more data than copper.
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