Potato Battery

Normally we use batteries as an alternative to electricity. Electricity by using a potato generates electricity using a chemical reaction through electrolyte and electrodes.

Potato Battery

Material Required

  1. Two fresh potato
  2. Zinc Electrode
  3. Copper Electrode
  4. Alligator clips
  5. A Digital clock


  1. Insert zinc and copper electrodes into the potatoes.
  2. Use alligator clips to connect electrodes to the digital clock.
  3. Now, you can see the current passing through the wires and activating the digital clock.


You can use a digital multimeter to measure the voltage of the current flow from the potatoes. On an average, a digital multimeter shows 1.2 volts of electricity between the electrodes. During these experiments the result varies, it is recommended to measure for at least five times and get the average result. Now, you have created the electricity by using a potato battery. However, the main challenge is to produce electricity in a larger amount of for a longer time.

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