Simple Microscope

simple microscope

A simple microscope is a magnifying glass that has a double convex lens with a short focal length. The examples of this kind of instrument include the hand lens and reading lens. When an object is kept near the lens, then its principal focus with an image is produced which is erect and bigger than the original object. The formed image is virtual and cannot be projected on a screen like a real image.


To make a simple microscope with the help of water.

Apparatus Required

  • A glass of Water
  • Fuse wire
  • Object to view(newspaper works well due to its fine print)


  • Make a loop of the fuse wire around 2mm wide.
  • Dip it in water so that a drop is made in the loop.
  • Hold it near to your eye and take a close look at the object you have chosen.
  • You may be required to get the correct distance, but you should view a magnified image, mainly if the drop is as close as possible to your eyes.


This experiment is similar to pioneers of early microscopes that used tiny glass globules of water to magnify objects. The water droplet develops a shape of the convex lens that refracts the light and converges it to the point where it can be seen clearly. Later with the introduction of  the method of grinding glass, modern microscopes consists of many lenses and let us see extremely minute objects.

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