Relieving Letter Request | Learn How to Write and Samples of it

A relieving letter is a formal document provided by the employer to an employee after the employment is over. It is generally called an experience letter and is usually issued on the last working day of the employee. A relieving letter request is raised to the HR/employer only when the employee has not received it for a longer period of time. A relieving letter request from an employee can be made either online or offline.

How to Write a Relieving Letter Request?

While writing an application for relieving letter to the HR of your previous company, do mention all the details of your previous employment so that it is easy for them to track the details. You can either mail or write an application to obtain a relieving letter but do mention the detailed information. Therefore, it is necessary to know the format to request a relieving letter from your employer.

While raising a relieving letter request, you must keep in mind that it is sent to your previous employer; therefore, you must be humble enough while writing the letter or email. Read below to know the format as well as sample letters for it.

Sample of Writing an Application for Relieving Letter

Check the samples provided below to know the format of relieving letter request in detail.

Relieving Letter Request from Employee


Rashmi Kala

HR Manager

TY Technologies

Date: 23rd February 2022

#77, Koramangala,

Bangalore – 560043

Sub: Request letter to Issue My Relieving Letter.

Dear Rashmi,

I, Kanika Rana, with employee ID E0123, have worked as a content writer in the company since 2018 (1/3/2018-30/10/2021). I am writing this letter to bring to your notice that I haven’t received my relieving letter yet. I had resigned from the company on the 30th of October 2021, and as per the acceptance letter, I had served the 2 months notice period, and my last working day was 31st December 2021. As mentioned by you, I had submitted the company’s assets and completed all the formalities.

I am requesting you to kindly send me the relieving letter at the earliest so that I can complete my onboarding procedure in the current company. I hope you understand the concern and provide me with the relevant documents at the earliest. I shall be grateful to you for the same.

Thank you.



Kanika Rana

ID- E0123

Relieving Letter Request Mail

Sub: Regarding the Issuance of Relieving letter

Dear Rashmi,

This is Ashmita, with Employee ID 0123. I have worked as a Content Editor at XYZ Company, and I have been working since 2018. I am writing this mail to inform you that I haven’t received my relieving letter yet. I had resigned from the company on 30th October 2021, and as per the acceptance letter, I had to serve the notice period of two months, and the final date of relieving me was 31st December 2022. As per the rule and your mail, I have submitted all the company’s assets, and the documentation has been done successfully.

I am requesting you to kindly provide me with the relieving letter at the earliest possible date. I shall be grateful for this kind gesture.

Thank and regards

Ashmita Thakur

ID- E0123

Frequently Asked Questions on Relieving Letter Request

To whom do I send mail for relieving letters?

You will have to write a relieving letter request to the HR of your previous company for obtaining the relieving letter.

When should we ask for a relieving letter?

A relieving letter request from an employee should be raised after the employment is finished with a company.

Why is it important to provide a relieving letter?

It is necessary to provide a relieving letter because it demonstrates that you have paid all dues and have no outstanding work, and it also assists organisations in ensuring that the employee who is about to resign is completely relieved of their responsibilities and is not in possession of any company data or internal property.

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