Types Of Logical Reasoning Questions

The logical reasoning for CAT is one of the crucial sections of the CAT exam. The logical reasoning and data interpretation constitute a separate section of the exam. IIM has changed the pattern of CAT examination over the years,  let’s have a look at CAT pattern change over the past years:-

Year Sections No of Questions
2011 QA & DI 30
VA & LR 30
2012 QA & DI 30
VA & LR 30
2013 QA & DI 30
VA & LR 30
2014 QA & DI 30
VA & LR 30

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation was added as a separate section in 2015. Now both section constitutes 32-33 questions. Here is the CAT question format of previous years i.e. CAT 2015 and CAT 2016.

2015 Quantitative Aptitude 34
Verbal Ability 34
Logical Reasoning &
Data Interpretation
2016 Quantitative Aptitude 34
Verbal Ability &

Reading comprehension

Logical Reasoning &

Data Interpretation


Logical Reasoning Question Types:

Questions of logical reasoning could be based on 1D, 2D or 3D kind of diagrams. Examples include sequencing in a circle, Sequencing in a line, etc.

Two-Dimensional Questions:

Questions in which we need to consider two parameters are called two-dimensional questions.

Three Dimensional Questions:

The questions in which we need to consider three parameters are called three-dimensional questions.

Logical Reasoning will have the following type of questions-

  • Set of conditions
  • People standing in a row
  • Choosing items from a menu
  • Scheduling tours
  • Seating arrangements

Some of the questions are also based on games like cricket, football, and tennis. Soccer and cricket fans might get a little upbeat after reading this.

From the questions given, you need to draw a conclusion about the relationships and use the shortcut techniques for a proper and correct conclusion. After drawing the conclusion, you can answer the four/five questions that follow.

Important Tips:

Questions in the Logical Reasoning sections has one passage that is followed by four or five questions. 5 – 10 minutes is the ideal time to take and solve the set of questions. It is critical to draw the correct conclusion and relationship from the statements given in the passages. If the relationship is not correct, then you will end up scoring negative marks for an incorrect response. With this, you will lose marks for all the four or five questions.

Logical reasoning test a candidate’s ability to comprehend the questions and solve it in the minimum time possible. Without the shortcut techniques and tricks, solving these types of questions will take a lot of time and you will eventually lose the marks.

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