GMAT Exam Dates 2020

The GMAT exam dates are flexible in its type as if offers the option to aspirants to select their own GMAT test dates as per their comfort or requirement. It means the test seekers can select the test day according to the available GMAT test dates provided by the test administrators. The test can be taken throughout the year i.e., 365*12. To book a GMAT test date you have to create your account on the official site of GMAT. Additionally, GMAC offers candidates to choose their test centers according to their preferred locations. Overall, the aspirants are allowed to select a minimum of three and maximum of five centers. It is recommended to book your GMAT exam slot before you commence your preparation for the GMAT. Read to know GMAT Exam Centres in India
GMAT Exam Dates

How to select a GMAT Exam Date?

Before booking the GMAT test slot, you need to keep two things in mind:

(i) Based on priority, select the B-schools

(ii) Maintain a list of the admission application deadline of every B-schools – This is a crucial step and you have to take into account the application deadlines before your schedule your GMAT exam date. Also, factor in the time taken to receive the scores, develop your overall profile so that you are ready for the admissions process.

(iii) How much time you require for preparing for the exam – Once again another factor which you must not overlook before finalizing on your exam date. Calculate and make a rough estimate of the time you are likely to require to complete your preparation for the exam. If you have already started your preparation then you will be able to analyze the time required in an easier manner. If you are a working professional then make sure that you account for the same while you plan your GMAT test preparation.

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Typically, one should start preparing for the GMAT at least three months ahead of the selected test date and should dedicate three months for profile building after the test was taken. For selecting the test date you need to follow certain steps:

1.Create Your GMAT Account

First of all, you have to create a personal GMAT account on the official website of GMAT. During the registration process, you need to fill the basic details about yourself like Name, Date of Birth, Address and other personal details. Ensure that the name you enter is the same as how it appears on your government issued ID card. You will have to carry one of these ID cards to the test center on the date of your exam, therefore make sure to cross verify the same before you fill in all the details.

2. Select Your Preferred Location

GMAT offers you the option to select your preferred test locations and test centers. It is advisable to choose the test centers nearby to your current location. If you’re staying at the outskirts of the city, opt for the test centers in the proper city since it is a computer adaptive test so strong internet connections are essential. If you face constant interruptions during the exam due to poor internet connectivity then your performance in the exam is bound to be affected. Before the actual exam, you can even try and go to the exam center once so that you are aware of its exact location. Be at the exam center at least 30 minutes before your exam so that you can avoid any last minute issues.

3. Select Your Prefered GMAT Test dates

After selecting the test centers, you will have to choose your preferred exam date from the available GMAT test dates. Since the exam is available throughout the year, therefore, you have the option to select your GMAT exam date as per your convenience/comfort and when you feel you are fully prepared and confident about attempting the exam. Unlike other exams where you don’t have the comfort to choose the exam date, the GMAT provides you with the flexibility of selecting the exam date as per your convenience. Another key advantage is that the exam dates are available throughout the year and you will not have to worry about missing a particular date for the exam.

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GMAT Exam Rescheduling

In any adverse case, if you want to reschedule your GMAT test date more than seven days in advance you will have to pay USD 50. Or else if you’re rescheduling within a week, the fee is USD 250. You will have to pay the entire GMAT fee if you opt to reschedule within 7 days of your actual exam date.

The GMAT exam also provides you with the option to attempt the exam up to 5 times in a calendar year with a 16-day gap between each attempt. The overall limit to attempt for GMAT is 8 times. On the date of your exam, after you have completed the test, the raw score which you have obtained will immediately display on your screen. You will have a limited time period to make your decision of either accepting the GMAT scores or rejecting them. If you have opted to accept the scores, then the universities which you have shortlisted will receive the official GMAT score report within 2 weeks or 20 days of completion of your exam. However, if you have decided that you would like to cancel the scores post accepting them in the test center then you still have the option to do so within 72 hours of completing the exam. You will have to log in to your official GMAC account which you created for scheduling the exam and click on cancel GMAT scores. You will be charged a small fee of US $25 for the same. Similarly, if you initially chose to cancel the scores and later decide to accept the same you can reinstate your scores anytime by logging into your account. The fee for the same is US$50 and remember that the GMAT scores are valid for a period of 5 years.

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GMAT offers the candidates to select the exam date. Find info about important GMAT test dates, how to select a GMAT test date and rescheduling the GMAT test.