GMAT Verbal Sentence Correction Syllabus

Verbal Sentence Correction

The question is a sentence that may or not contain a flaw. Part or the entire sentence is underlined. And the student is required to find an option that addresses the issue and corrects the mistake in the sentence. Following the sentence, you will find ways of phrasing the underlined part. The first option repeats the original. The rest are different. If you think the original has no flaw, choose the first answer; otherwise, choose one of the others.

GMAT Verbal Sentence Correction (SC) Syllabus

Sentence Correction tests grammatical structure and effectiveness of expression. So, a firm grasp of English Grammar is of paramount importance. The right answer should reflect grammatical correctness, should be precise and exact, without awkwardness, ambiguity, redundancy or change in semantics.

The basic grammar rules that are usually tested are: parallelism, comparison, parts of speech (noun, verb, pronoun, adjective, adverb), subject-verb agreement, pronouns, pronoun mismatch, pronoun agreement, idiomatic expressions, tense (past, present, future, simple, perfect, continuous), modifiers, clauses, phrases, redundancy and rarely punctuation. A question will test the test taker on several rules at once. And with the complexity of the sentence, the difficulty also increases.

Tip to Ace GMAT Sentence Correction

As you can see, GMAT tests you only on Basic English grammar that you have studied in school for years. So, a strong basis on the English language and the rules that go into framing a proper sentence are what you need to answer SC questions in the GMAT. Always start with identifying the main subject of the sentence. Associate that with the verb attached to it. That is a good starting point. Match adjectives to nouns and adverbs to the verbs they describe. Practice in the syllabus will make your eyes trained enough to spot the mistakes in the given sentence and choose the right answer from the 5 options in minimal time. SC is an area where a lot of time can be saved. The number of grammar rules tested upon is finite and once a student is thorough with the rules and application of these rules, he can get a perfect score when it comes to sentence correction. He can also answer these questions within a minute and use the saved time for Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension.

Once you have chosen the answer, read it completely and make sure that the sentence construction looks correct, the grammatical issues in the original sentence have been resolved and that the meaning of the original sentence has been retained.

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