GRE to GMAT Conversion

If you’re comparing apples to oranges, it is going to be a crazy thing to do. Similarly GRE and GMAT are two different sets of tests. There are some business-schools who accept the GRE or GMAT scores as an eligibility criterion for the courses offered at their institutions. To shortlist the candidates of GRE over GMAT, ETS has created a conversion tool.
GRE to GMAT Conversion

The main purpose of this tool is to evaluate your GRE scores on the parameters of the GMAT score chart. With the help of this you can find your equivalent score. Remember, before applying to any course, go through the brochure whether they require only GMAT score or GRE score or anyone out of the both.

How ETS Created this Tool?

ETS’s GRE comparison tool may not be as accurate as it may appear, and using this tool is not as simple as presented. This tool of comparison is all about averages. Adcom decisions are about human considerations based on professional ethics.

ETS conducted a survey on 525 scholars, who applied for both tests to use their scores for a research study. They used statistical analysis to create a prediction grid of GMAT, based on the average scores. The outcome of the survey ranges around 67.4 standard error of prediction stated by ETS. The result creates a doubt over how genuine the tool is to ascertain the GRE scores in terms of GMAT for further admission process.

The tool was developed so that it can scale and convert both your GRE Quant and Verbal scores to GMAT total, Quant and Verbal scores.

The 67.4 standard error of prediction indicates that there is only a 17.6 percent possibility that the predicted GMAT score would be 10 points higher or lower than or can be exactly the same score which the test-taker would actually obtain on the GMAT test.

Again we would like to reiterate that this tool may not prove to be so accurate, and the remaining part of accepting one’s candidature depends upon the final decision taken by the admission committee. It is also safe to remember that a score of 90 percentile on your GRE doesn’t necessarily mean you would obtain the same 90 percentile in your GMAT. Adcom don’t have a preference between GRE and GMAT scores. There are many factors which contribute towards your admission process and it doesn’t depend only on your GRE or GMAT scores.

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